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Love Tip: Is It Time To Leave Him? And What Is The Difference Between A Man And A Home Appliance?

Is your patience at an end? Are you contemplating leaving your man? I’ve been there.

Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

Love cannot be based upon need. Whenever we look to another to provide us with something, we have misplaced love. Love is lost and becomes a “fix” or an addiction.

The Many Ways To Win Back The One You Love

Love can truly be a fickle emotion. It may flame out as quickly as possible and as easily as it started. Everyone wants to have a fairy tale and a happy ending love story. However, not everybody will be able obtain it. Most breakups will be final, and winning that love back could prove to be impossible.

How to Have The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

This article offers suggestions on how to make your next Valentine’s Day the best ever. Ideas are discussed that will lead to rekindling passion and excitement with your significant other.

From Jimmy to Sally, In Loneliness, With Love, From Prison

SWEETEST of sweetnesses, my Sally, I miss you so awfully much. It tortures me to think on how long it’s been since I felt the nub of your nose against my cheek, felt your glistening hair against my chest, heard your gentle bedtime voice calm me, and tasted your honeyed kisses. I feel lonelier thinking about it, but I cannot help wanting to be there with you, and my memories are all I have… all I have!

Is One Woman Made Better Than Another by Having a Husband?

Some women have thought that love means everything to them. Women usually sacrifice themselves for love. In many countries, women are supposed to consider their husband and children as everything: their love, life, happiness and even their honor. But, few people think that once a woman accepts letting go of all the things and people she is holding on to, then it is also the moment that love is lost.

The Meaning of True Love

Just as I think I have finished with one subject, I have another idea on the same subject. An idea that gives a different aspect, a different look at that subject that gives a different view. Now, I want to dig deeper into this subject called love and discover a different side of this.

Being Heard and Being Loved, Hearing and Loving

LOVE is one of humankind’s greatest mysteries. Just how do we love? – the unlovable, the one who has betrayed us, the person who returns ambivalence for our love, or the person we are paired to who suddenly or inexplicably changes… these and so many more scenarios are pitted against love. It can seem impossible to love in some circumstances. But it is always possible to love, as God is love, and our good Lord may make the seeming impossible possible anytime. But what is the key to love? How do divest the power of God and love, even against the odds?

6 Signs You’re in Love With Her

If you are in love with someone, you definitely know whether you are or are not. Admitting it now, only you can take on this daunting task. But when it comes to love, waiting to say the magical words is only shooting yourself in the foot. If any of these six signs rings all too true, then what are you waiting for? Embrace the life and love that you’ve been lucky and blessed enough to find, and go tell her!

Be Aware: Love Can Kill You!

Being in “love” can trick you. It doesn’t matter whether you are an academician, a military man, a businesswoman, an actress, leading a professional life and a career or a personal, family-style life, “love” might harm you in one way or another. Being self-aware – having embarked on self development and having attained the personal growth and wisdom necessary to know how to not let love self-sabotage you, your career, your professional and personal life – is something to be cherished and aspired to.

TOP Ten Love Commandments for 2015!

My dream for 2015 is to see less women who are suffering in love relationships and many more women who dedicate time and energy to their own needs and passions. I wish to see a world where women just accept and love themselves as they are.

How to Create Joy Filled Relationships

Dear friend, to have a joy filled relationship is to have that sense of self. We all have expectations of relationships and how they are going to be. But if we come from within ourselves, with that authentic experience of knowing who we are and have the ability to share that with others, unencumbered by that mask of the need to protect, then we will draw to ourselves those that we are compatible with. We will have like minded experiences and a flow of energy that is not discordant or fractured or uncomfortable.

Twin Flames: The New Relationship Paradigm

The special relationship of finding your Twin Flame and harmonizing into a happy relationship can be very challenging. It is essential to do the shadow work required, otherwise you will project those dark aspects of yourself onto your beloved. Being a Twin Flame is intense spiritual growth requiring unconditional love and acceptance. If you can persevere, you can find true bliss with another human being.

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