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Finding Mr, Mrs, Or Ms Right – Where To Find Them?

“Where can I find them?” Many do not enjoy going to bars and feel like a fish out of water when they do go. Other people think they are too busy to look. First of all you can find them anywhere doing what you already do. This works best when you are living your life from a place of presence and joy.

Make an Impression on Your Beloved With Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the day to demonstrate your love, appreciation and feelings for your wife, husband or maybe even a secret sweetheart. The traditional gift idea for this special occasion may well be the Valentine’s flowers for delivery. Valentine’s flowers don’t need to be restricted to the ladies though, the truth is most men would be very happy to be sent} flowers despite the fact that they probably will not admit it. You might want to invest in flowers for a person you love and cherish this valentine’s day, you will discover a wide selection to choose from the comfort and convenience of our own chair when you try purchasing on-line.

Can Lovers Be Best Friends?

For most of my life I had always thought that the best relationships started through a long lasting friendship. I thought that in order to really know whom you were committing to, you needed the time that a friendship yields, first. It had to brew and seep like a perfect cup of coffee. Relationships were doomed otherwise. That was what I thought.

Can You Text the Romance Back?

I’ve been using some incredible text messages lately and having mind-blowing results. I can’t believe the impact these messages have on men. Text messaging is the new way of communication that almost everyone is using. It could add explosive passion to your relationship and enhance in ways you could only imagine. But most don’t know the power of using it to skyrocket the feelings of romance in a man.

Does Love Cover THAT?

If you have loved, want to be loved, can not figure out love, disgusted with love, or you have lost faith in love, this article will show you how to tap into what I call a “Love Anointing”. It is that which allows us to love those that appear to be unlovable by working on our own capacity to love.

Valentine’s Day – What Is Your Choice?

I’m not exactly sure what it is about Valentine’s Day, but it is a day that cuts to the very core of who I am a true and hopeless romantic. Honestly, I always seems to amaze even me that I still somehow manage to get excited at this time of year. That I still hold hope in my heart that this one will be different. That this one will be special. Traditionally, in my world Valentine’s day have not been kind to me and spending that evening in my lawyers office talking about getting a divorce certainly took the cake and left a permanent mark on my heart. But I still choose to believe in love, I still choose to believe that my bad luck in my Valentine’s of my past have absolutely no bearing on my future. And, I choose to be happy!

Valentine’s Day Is A Day For Fun, So Have A Good Time

As Valentine’s Day is dawning in 2012, approach it as a time to have fun with the one you love. Discover why Valentine’s Day can be the most fun day of the year.

How To Tell Your Girlfriend-Boyfriend Loves You By These 6 Obvious Signs

How to tell love is still in the relationship. Warning signs the marriage is in trouble. Behaviour of the partner you need to be aware of that might help save the relationship.

Is LOVE a Drug?

Love is powerful, no doubting that. Drugs are also powerful, there is no doubting that either. Drugs are dangerous of course, because they damage your body and your mind. Doesn’t love do the same thing though? Couldn’t the effects of a bad relationship or a broken heart lead to many of the same negative side effects that a drug binge might? Ok, ok. Let’s not get too carried away here. Drugs are illegal for a reason, and love (though dangerous) isn’t as bad…if respected and understood. Love needs to be appreciated, else it can be quite painful.

Man of Discipline

Now a brother who is disciplined when it comes to his eyes/ears/mouth/flesh gates is a turn-on for me. Oops…let me correct that I mean he can tug at my heart…LOL. Let me explain what I mean by the ‘gates’.

How Much Do You Desire Love?

Do you know how to attract, create and sustain love and loving relationships in your life? I know my thoughts are powerful, my desire is essential, and now I understand I must hold onto a vision of my desire as if it is already being manifested. And I need to take continual steps toward the realization of my dreams and keep trusting that it is materializing into physical form regardless of the appearance of my current physical reality.

How to Find the Perfect Love Using Wabi Sabi

Are you still trying to figure out how to find the perfect love? Maybe you’ve been through multiple relationships, or perhaps divorced and still trying to find perfect mate. Here’s the problem: we live in an imperfect world with less than perfect people. As such, our relationships are seen in much the same way. He or she just doesn’t measure up to what we expect. Hang on…maybe THAT’s the problem! Our expectations are what spoil our relationships.

The Most Important Day of Her Life

Love is the most beautiful relationship of the world. This story is written in the background of Valentines and it depicts the true love of Angelina, who got her greatest wish come true.

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