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The Other Type of Love

Love doesn’t always appear as kind, gentle, caring from another. Sometimes it’s just the opposite. But it’s still love… and a form of love that’s greater than the nice-nice kind. Find out how what appears to be anything but love is actually the greatest form of it.

Romantic Love and How to Find It

Romantic relationships based primarily in love and not lust is a part of growing up and can make an immense contribution to the growth of a soul. It is important to realize that there are a few things in life that do not come by directly seeking them. Love, including romantic love and happiness are two such. Rather, they may be found simply by doing the right things that lead to it and attract it.

The Difference Between Love and Lust

Lust and love, in the initial stages, can appear very similar. You want to be in each other’s company all the time; you yearn for physical intimacy. But once that sexual itch has been gratified, your partner walks away, having discovered that whatever it is he was feeling for you is no longer there.

Tell Her You Love Her Often

This article deals with understanding how important a woman is to the success of a man. It focuses on her contribution and the need to recognize it often.

And The Two Became One

Tyler Perry asked the candid question in one of his hit movies, Why Did I Get Married?. The reasons are probably as numbered as the sand. Some may simply be “in love”. Others may get married because it’s the moral or Christian thing to do. Whatever their reasons, across the board too many couples go into marriage thinking that it is going to always going to be roses and sunshine. Now, don’t get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful thing, and, yes, there are plenty of rosy and sunny days. However, there is also this thing called “life” that happens to us all, and there has to be more to sustain a marriage when “life” hits than fuzzy emotions and euphoric fantasies. Marriage, a healthy marriage, requires preventative maintenance, so-to-speak, to be as prepared as possible to weather “life” and to maintain a well-tuned relationship.

Sustaining Romance Relationships – Know What You Want And Who You Want

An article about relationship and how to keep our love life intact. Read excellent advice by the author on romance.

How The Karma of Connection Works (The EASIEST Way to Meet Your Soulmate Without Trying)

I’m going to start this short article off with a quick confession. If there is one life lesson I wished I learnt sooner..

Love and Relationship Tips This Valentines’ Day

February is considered the love month. This month we celebrate Valentines’ Day – wherein lovers flock to show and express their love for each other.

2014, My Year for Love?

Well girls, we’ve made it through another year. We have high hopes for this year, the same as we did last year right? We’re hoping that this year we will have better relationships with our families, grow closer to the Lord and secretly, we wish that this would be the year that we fall in love.

What Is Your Definition of True Love?

Abhorrent acts of betrayal are common in relationships. Let me point out that such acts are not new, indeed, history is many times written with bloodshed due to acts of betrayal, a perfect example being the betrayal of Jesus by one of his disciples. That said, there should be deep concern that, in our society, words stand for nothing and that your best friend, who knows you intimately, can be the one who directs the arrow (not cupid’s arrow) through your heart.

Love Is a Habit – Develop It

Love has no limit or it should not. If you truly love somebody, you understand the meaning of phrase “love is blind.” You are blind to your partner’s simple faults.

Love Your Day – 14 Poems to Love Your Day

Fourteen “love your day” poems. There are ample reasons to love the day.

The Feminine Mistake And Stepping Into Your Feminine Power

Women can grow only from who and where they are right now. Denying your past and your experience, or refusing to look at the realities of your life by attempting to wrest yourself violently away from it, can’t change who you are inside. Blindly changing your externals won’t bring about lasting growth. Who you are inside determines the power you can step in to achieve your feminine power.

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