Together Forever, A Love Story – They Loved Their Neighbors As Themselves

The terrifying sounds of buildings tumbling into ruins, and terrible groaning from deep within the earth. but, not without a kiss. “I know”, she said, “sacrifices must be made”. “I love you so much”. “I love you too, babe”.

What Makes Men Fall in Love?

After researching this subject “What Makes Men Fall In Love” I have come to the conclusion that men are just as complicated as women. And that most of the things that we do to attract someone of the opposite sex is just natural. If I had to sit down and plan how I was going to act to attract a man then I would probably give up. I mean, if it’s something that you need to “act” to do, then eventually the act will disappear and he will be left with the natural you.

2 Unusual Ways to Find LOVE (And the Strange Way I Learned My Man Was NOT The “ONE”)

Who else is still looking for love? Are you in a relationship today that doesn’t feel quite right? Do you get up in the morning with an uneasy feeling that the man in your life is simply “wrong” for you in ways that you can’t quite capture with words? Or maybe you ARE in fact in love… desperately in love, with a man who doesn’t quite return the same level of commitment, or emotion as you?

What Exactly Does Love Suggest To You?

Precisely what is love? If you ask 10 persons, you will probably get 10 different answers on the meaning of love. Their responses are certainly not incorrect either since there are in fact five types of love.

5 Easy Ways How To Make Him Fall in Love With You Again

Are you by any chance wondering about how to make him fall in love with you again but then you do not know where to start and how? Well, never let go of this article unless you have finished reading everything about successfully making your man fall in love with you again.

When Love Hurts: Myths – Masks – Warnings – Truths

This is a story of Love… How I see it… I know this story was told in the beginning, told again and again, now I will put a new spin on it and tell it over and over and over until the end. Love is supposed to be a good thing for all involved, but the reality and truth of the matter is shockingly different… Some people will love you to death – Literally!!! All the following are short stories, but never the less true in their own rights. I am sending this message in hopes of opening someone’s eyes to “Life’s Lessons Learned.” (3L)

Why Having Your Guard Up Can Do More Harm Than Good

When someone breaks your heart, you probably put your guard up and put everyone on stand down. You may see it as a way that prevents it from happening again but taking this approach can actually have the opposite effect.

How Do We Love When There’s No Love Coming Back?

There’s nothing more important to God than love… If we connect these two ideas – that a person’s dislike of us is nothing personal, and the importance of love to God – we can become compelled to love. It can become so natural, so implicit to our nature, because compassion has become us – a thing only the Holy Spirit can do.

Enhancing Relationships

So often, in life, it is easier to find the “faults” – or rather our projection of faults – in someone than it is to find the positive. Especially, if we are angry, upset, or arguing with this person – we have this desire to be… RIGHT.

How To Talk With Girls – What You Need To Know

Women are special creatures. The sooner you learn how to deal with them the better. What you need to know when it comes to women is that:

How to Fix a Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs, its rough periods. Even in the best of circumstances, there are difficult times. It’s natural so don’t beat yourself up if you’re relationship doesn’t seem like a Hollywood romance.

Does He LOVE Me? 2 Weird Ways the Universe Wants to Tell You He Does! (No Bull)

Does he really love me? How can I be sure? And what are the signs he’s the one? How can I tell that he’s the one I’m going to spend a lifetime with… for better or for worse? With so many scandals in the news these days… it’s no wonder there is a complete and utter panic in so many relationships… especially when it to is cheating, fidelity and the idea that each of us has a “soulmate” we were destined to meet.

How to Find a Christian Mate

Are you a Christian who is looking for a Christian mate? Are you growing weary in your search? Read this article for some encouragement and practical insights.

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