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The Art of Creating Love

Do you know how to create loving relationships? When you are truly living your passion and following your heart and your own inner wisdom, you naturally become an attraction magnet. People want to be around you. People want to have what you have and bask in the high level of energy you exude. Creating love becomes an easy and natural habit.

Are You Willing to Do This for Love?

We’re able to ask for help and assistance to more concrete stuff – things we can’t do for ourselves like fix a head gasket, repair a broken pipe, or rewire a home (maybe you can). But, when it comes to the matters of the heart we’ve got our walls up protecting us from past pains that we don’t want to ever experience again. But that wall keeps Love from coming in – the very thing we desire. Do something different, let go of that wall, and see how safe you really can be. The experience of Love is so much greater than the fear you’re holding onto in order to “protect” yourself.

Amazing Tips for Loving in the Fast Lane – For Women!

Any good relationship requires effort to keep it alive. Your unique way of being romantic is your personal anchor to securing the heart of another. The tips its all about communicating and sharing the little things that make up our lives. Here are 10 easy ways to make your feelings known:

When Love Is Anxious

Not all anxiety is bad. Love is a good example; it creates anxiety for all the right reasons. When we love, a life-enriching anxiety is born and that lifts relationships. It has its basis in care and compassion and patient nurturing. As a parent is often anxious for their child, love is anxious for all the right reasons.

Does He Still Love You Or Is He Lying?

Is your heart telling you that he still loves you but his words and behavior has you questioning his love? If you are having doubts that he is telling you the truth don’t continue down this path. Take the time now to find out for sure before it’s to late.

Say I Love You Every Day

“I love you” is one of the most overused and least understood phrases we know. I carries so much weight and depth, that it is often neglected and taken for granted. As the old saying goes, “You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” we should never pass up an opportunity to tell the valuable people in our lives how much we love them.

Love in Two Words

Love in a practical world can be distilled down to two words. When we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – and mean them – we exemplify love. When we don’t mean them we betray respect and, therefore, lose trust. It’s best that we feel pleased and thankful.

Why Do Men Always Disappoint?

It’s hard to keep dating and have faith that you can find a good man to be your husband, when you keep thinking “Why do men always disappoint?” So here are some explanations and suggestions on how to shift your perspective to help you spot truly potential good men and stay away from jerks in future…

Romantic Texts For Him for Valentines Day

Romance is in the air and for Valentine’s Day, you can make it a day he’ll never forget by bringing the romance back in a big way. One of the secret ways to put the spark back into your relationship is by using the secret weapon in your purse. Almost everyone feels good when they get a great text message, but did you know that you could make your man romantically addicted to you with the right text messages?

V-Day – The Most Stressful Day of the Year

Are you feeling stressed about Valentine’s Day and struggling on what you should or should not do for that special person in your life? Let’s focus on the love in your relationship instead of the commercial side of things.

Love and the Hatred Boomerang

God’s Word tells us that every person is precious; a child of God. No matter their background, the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religious or political preference, God loves them as much as anyone. Where, really, does hate fit? Simply, it doesn’t and never did.

I Lust You

What a great misinterpretation of love that is caressing and kissing, and shared sensual acts yet the verbal, physical, and emotional hurting of each other is present in the relationship. Real love puts high regard on the other person and contrary to this is not love at all but lust. When you are in the latter state of being, you don’t say “I LOVE YOU”, but fittingly you say, “I LUST YOU”.

In Relationship, At A Place You Don’t Want to Be?

In a relationship, have you ever been somewhere you have no desire to be? If so, one thing is for certain. By doing nothing, you invite more of the same unwanted conditions! Read Kelly’s story.

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