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Relationship Tips for Women: Rekindle Your Romance This Winter

Looking for exciting new ways to rekindle your romance with your man this winter? From giving the gift of bacon roses (that’s right, they are edible) to improving your look with NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment, here are some fantastic ways to enhance your love life while colder days are upon us: -Surprise him with bacon roses – Does he arrive at your doorstep with irises behind his back or daises in a vase? Show him up with roses- made out of bacon.

Yes, You Actually Can Die of a Broken Heart

There are many factors that contribute to a condition known as Broken Heart Syndrome. Two of the most common causes of Broken Heart Syndrome are the loss of a spouse or a child. Interestingly, it is more common for men than women.

Four Easy Steps To Stay In Love

A good friend of mine met his wife at a party I hosted sometime ago, and I had just one question for him after he proposed: When did he know she was the one? “I knew she was going to be my wife when we were standing in your kitchen talking,” he answered.

Joy, Even If You Never Win

The most powerful witness to the love of God in us is to be the proverbial ‘doormat’ with intention. It’s a gargantuan degree of faith to truly side with another person against us. Of course, it sounds absurd. But when we understand what our motive is to be, we understand – as they soon will – that we are a doormat for nobody. We have elevated the relationship above the sum of both individuals.

I Made It Through What I Thought Maybe One Of The Hardest Experiences Of My Life

Think about your father for a minute. The first real man in anyone’s life.

Writing Love Letters That Leave Her Speechless

I boil down my thoughts to write my heart out. It’s not what I feel towards you it’s how I show what I feel.

A Test of Unconditional Forgiveness

This test of unconditional forgiveness is bound to find us wanting, if we are honest. But we can transcend our weakness for placing conditions on our love by simply casting our will into the seas of God. What does that mean – cast our will into the seas of God?

What Has Sarcasm Got To Do With Speaking the Truth In Love?

Speaking the truth in love is both a privilege and a necessity in Christian life, but sarcasm can never be thought of as a way of speaking truth. Sarcasm may sound witty but it does nothing to build the other person up. Speaking the truth to others has no value unless that truth is spoken in love.

Why Beautiful Women Are Unhappy

Causes of unhappiness are numerous, and some women are happy, but the focus of this article is on why beautiful women -in particular- are usually not happy. It is a fact that most pretty women- worldwide- are unhappy and this is because of many reasons, which are summarized here.

Lasting Love

Lasting love is transformational. Discover tips for longevity.

Connection Between a Man and a Woman

What is it that attracts a man towards a woman and a woman towards a man? It is not the outward features or looks that establish an irresistible pull, but a perception and an understanding of the very being of that person.

Meaning Of Love – Love Is, Already Here

The meaning of Love is the connection that we have, whether we realise it or not… to every single being and mineral that is in the Universe. Some call this God, The universal life force. Not a man who sits judging us all, but a supporting power that runs through us. Everything works better, the economy, communities, society in the broadest sense, when we realize that we are connected to all people, all animals and all forms of life. Not only that, we are also connected to all forms of energy. The energy of the Universe flows through rocks, water, the air, the sky, the planets above us and… EVERYTHING else. And the connection must go both ways. It is a two-way cable that attaches us.

Tarot Readings for LOVE: 3 INSTANT Answers You Can Get From a Spiritual Relationship Reading

What are tarot readings for love good for? Is a tarot card reading even accurate at all? What kind of information can I expect to learn from a relationship reading?

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