Before You Love Them, Discover If You Can Trust Them | Relationship Theory

Will I Ever Find The Love Of My Life?

Are you having a hard time finding a loving and connected relationship? Are you ready to heal the blocks that may be in the way of attracting your beloved?

Finding Love in the World

POWER AND CONTROL, when replaced with love, because of fear, alienates good friends and close family. Even where there is love – conditional as it may be – there is also fear, and fear tends to quench love’s spontaneity. It cools love’s passion. It makes of love something detestable to the discerning soul.

9 Ways to Keep Things Spicy in Your Relationship

In a marriage, couples tend to worry about the phenomenon known as the seven-year itch. Most long-term relationships experience the same snag. Here are a few tips to avoid it in yours…

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy Is Really Simple

You may be living with the feeling that your relationship involves a lot of hard work. But have you ever wondered how much you have benefited from it? You must realize and appreciate that the principle of giving and taking is the foundation of any relationship. It is thus imperative that both partners should be willing to give and appreciate what they get.

10 Ways to Love Like Jesus Does

What would Jesus do? It’s a perennial question regarding life. Jesus would love. It is as basic and as simple as that. But what are the nuances of Jesus’ love? Grace is so far from the concept of sin that grace covers over every blot in the book of life for the sinner who runs home to God.

Don’t Stand for Fear – Stand for Love

Don’t stand for fear. It comes into our lives and ravages us without us even knowing it most the time. It is an intruder who is never truly welcome. Fear stifles, threatens, makes promises it cannot keep, and produces doubting and despair, envying and jealousy, pride and self-righteousness.

The Five Love Languages

Talking the same language as you partner or date is the key to moving a relationship forward into a strong position. Find out how to identify your secret love language that will tune you into your partner in a way you have never experienced before.

Fear of Abandonment and Recipe for Relationship Disaster

Everyone can experience abandonment. It could have come from when you were a child and carried on throughout your adult life. Your parents may have felt neglect in their formative years and may have passed on this experience to you.

I Miss You Love Messages for My Love

Missing someone you love so much could build a world of tailspin for you. And if you need to express you you feel in the best way, these messages are great for that. You stand the chance of losing out if all you do is to cry your heart out without really pouring it out. Let Him or her know how exactly you feel, what you want him or her to do to make you feel great and by so doing, you can find yor path back into the unlimited Love Zone

Be Free From Your Ex And Start A New Self-Empowered Life

When the relationship is leading to disaster, it is totally burnt where love has gone somewhere and it doesn’t want to come back again or dishonesty and betrayal are playing top role. One day you are ready to make that crucial decision. You are done it and you are leaving. Your heart is telling you that you deserve a better life.

Words Don’t Come Easy

Isn’t it funny when you tune into your favorite radio station or slip in a CD, there is always a song playing that suits your situation or mood? When no longer inspired by ‘Stand By Your Man’ how many of us girls have danced around the lounge (hopefully on our own) singing at the top of lungs the good old Gloria Gaynor classic ‘I Will Survive’ or even Anastasia’s ‘I’m Out Of Love’.

Expressing the Phrase “You’re My Girlfriend” Can Give a Woman a Sense of Security

Every normal healthy single man loves the idea that he has a female friend who is his girlfriend, but when it comes to publicly stating it, he may be a little hesitant. He may be fearful of cutting down his options of getting other girlfriends, or he may just be reluctant to express his feelings.

Defining the Difference Between Love and Infatuation

When someone says, “I love you,” you might be inclined to believe it, or you might begin to wonder about it, especially if the person does a few things that aren’t lovable. Perhaps you may wonder if the person is lying or more often than not, the person is merely infatuated and doesn’t even recognize genuine love.

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