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Why Does It Hurt To Love Someone So Much?

Love is supposed to be the greatest force on Earth. Love is supposed to be able to conquer all. Love is even supposed to be the source of your greatest joy… Why then does it hurt to love someone so much?

The Difference Between Love and Infatuation And 2 Dating Tips For Men

A lot of people naively assume that the infatuation that they have for someone when they meet is love. But research now shows us that infatuation runs out of steam. Here are two dating tips for men on how to succeed with women– regardless of the type of relationship you want.

Make Every Day Valentines Day

Valentines Day has special significance in the romantic calendar, but why wait for one day in the year to treat your loved one with extra love and attention? Let’s look at ways to make every day special.

Enduring A Partner’s Habits Gracefully

Coffee is one of my last sensual loves of the physical taste variety, yet my wife loathes the smell of it – whether it’s in the house or on my breath. Such a habit, however, hasn’t caused any marital sticking points yet, though there are many habits that rock households in exasperation. (What is clearly not the scope of this article are habits of addiction.)

My Love

Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous. Love is never boastful nor conceited; it is never rude or selfish but it is always certain no matter what. It does not take offense and is not resentful; Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes afterward. Love is real and love is you.

Get To ‘I Do’ Before ‘Oh No, You Didn’t’

Before taking the plunge, it’s good to start your story on the same page. Below are some things you should discuss before saying ‘I Do’-or else you will be saying ‘oh no, you didn’t!’. Finding out your significant other’s stand on these things might spare you a few bumps on the road to a happy marriage.

The Key to Reigniting Your Love

This simple remedy will revitalize a love is that is dying, stagnant or stalled. The power of appreciation is the most effective tool to rekindle a relationship in peril. It’s not a grand gesture that is needed. Rather, it’s the smaller consistent actions you demonstrate that will revitalize your partnership. These seemingly minute gestures will reactivate the warmth you are seeking to restore. Backed by substantial clinical research, this key element will reignite your relationship with little effort on your part that garners concrete results.

Generosity – The Gift That Gives Back

No one blessed in such ways deserves it more than someone who isn’t so blessed – born in less fortunate circumstances, perhaps in a poorer country or without the family or support structure many of us take for granted… The responsibility for generosity is a role for the comparative wealthy; that’s most of us. Indeed, everyone has something to share. Nothing can produce the happiness of making someone else happy through the kindness of generosity.

Intimacy and Core Wounds

Romantic love, true love and happy endings come as the last part of the journey of a long-term relationship. Or, it comes after many trials and tribulations of learning the wisdom of life. We come into relationships with different DNA, genes, family of origin patterns, wounds, beliefs, values and attitudes than our partners. At first we say, this person will make my life whole, fill up the voids. It takes two years until all of the shadow parts: the deeper feelings/beliefs of core wounds, the unresolved memories of childhood, surface. These behaviors and emotions start to show up in the relationship through unconscious patterns and defenses that stop love from growing. Your husband becomes your father. Your wife becomes your mother. Emotionally, you act out the childhood wounds that never got met. We are blinded, in denial of who we marry or commit to. We see fantasies, delusions and stories of true love that fail us in adulthood.

The Attraction Game: How Relationships Work

Why do you always fall for the same type of man? Why do you always get involved with clingy women? Why do we act like our mothers or behave like our fathers? Here’s why. We’re attracted through energy! And like attracts like.

Affection’s Mysterious Blossoming Nature

Affection is the mysterious emotion enamoured of a love that is swept high on a tidal wave of joy with no sight for the land of despair. The more we focus on the objects of our affection the more our affection grows – even to joy overflowing. Affections ventured are affections copiously gained.

Five Ways to an Exciting Relationship

Women love excitement, especially when it comes to their relationships. Be the exciting boyfriend she’s always wanted with these five tips.

Do You Have the Makings of a Clingy Boyfriend?

It has been made stereotypical by Hollywood films and popular shows, but it is true that when guys get together they will eventually talk about women. What often goes unsaid in films and other forms of popular media, however, is that women do the same thing, and they aren’t embarrassed about it either!

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