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A Different Kind Of Truth – What Is Love?

The truth is that love as we know it, is the watered down version of what it really should be. How many of us love from our egos instead of our hearts? Love is the answer, but what is love?

What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie!

Men don’t want you to dress up for them and not enjoy the process. Wearing lingerie for a man isn’t about looking all gussied up and appetizing. It’s a dressing ritual to get you in the mood for some hot loving.

When A Man Takes Space, Should You Make It A Permanent Separation?

Most of us already know that men are from Mars and they do that “rubber band” thing when they feel like they are getting close to you– pulling back and then snapping forward to be with you once they ‘process’ stuff. Sometimes, though, space means he’s giving you a soft “goodbye.” So how do you interpret his need for space and how do you handle it? I’ll give you some things to think about here and some tips.

How to Keep a Man Happy – The EA Formula

If you want to keep a man happy just use this formula. I call it the E.A. formula, which stands for: Ego and Admiration. Find out just how to keep you man happy using this simple formula.

Choosing To Keep Your Love Alive

Taking each other for granted can leave either of you vulnerable. It is only natural to want to spend time with those people who help us feel good about ourselves. Doing and saying simple things to give your partner the message that you…

After I Die Will I Meet And Stay With My Partner?

Poets sometimes voice a feeling that even death cannot break the bonds of love. But does love really transcend bodily death and do we ever meet our loved ones again? Emanuel Swedenborg lived over a century before testing of psychics started. However, he did write about extraordinary communication with spirits in meticulous and comprehensive detail. His books report on both his own experiences of the spirit world and what spirit communicators had told him about it. He reports that people after death are male and female not only as to their psychological makeup but also as to every detail of their spirit bodies.

The Gift of Relationships

Wherever you go, there you are. What you don’t resolve in your current relationship will appear in the next. The only person you can change in the relationship is you. What you see in your partners is a gift for you. Don’t run too quickly – most likely, you’re running from something you see about yourself that you dislike.

Romantic Getaways

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what is a person to do? Grab the phone and call a florist? Get chocolate and lingerie? Book a last-minute flight for a tropical paradise? Well, this is what I discovered coaching a few people on performance development. We humans tend to fall into patterns: dream ruts if you will. Get married on the beach in Hawaii. Vacation with the family at Disney. Take a weekend in Palm Springs. Travel abroad to a vogue destination for one month during the summer break. Go out to dinner and a movie on date night. Any of this sound familiar? In these dream ruts, we may sustain and create them, yet that doesn’t mean that they sing our own unique and beautiful romantic song.

How To Let A Guy Know That You Love Him And Get Him To Commit! This Will Make Him Fall For You

Letting a guy know that you’re in love with him and that you want a commitment can be extremely hard. It puts most women in dilemma. 90% of men who are in relationships right now are commitment phobic and wouldn’t be ready to commit to the woman they’re with even if they’re given the world.

The Simplest and Most Romantic Gift

Writing love letters is the simplest way to show a person how special they are for you. This is why it is best to get ideas from the most famous letters written, to get some tips and ideas.

How To Make A Man Want You – 2 Secrets That Will Make Him Increase His Attraction For You

Do you want to make your boyfriend want you more? Would you like to increase the attraction he has for you? If you’re stuck when it comes to keeping a man’s interest after the first few dates and would like to really take things to the next level with your current boyfriend, pay close attention here.

How To Get A Guy To Fall In Love With You! Super Effective Tactics You Don’t Want To Miss

Getting a guy to fall in love is a challenge for many women on this planet. Guys don’t easily commit to a relationship. It can be really frustrating when you notice that he has all the qualities that you need yet you can’t have him.

How to Get the Man You Want in a Relationship

What does a man really want from a woman? The answer to that question is an answer that many women search for on a consistent basis. Decent men are not hard to figure out. When I say decent men, I mean men that actually know how to treat a woman. They are not abusers, drug addicts or alcoholics. I’m talking really decent men…

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