Crucial Questions to Ask That Will Align You and Your Partner’s Values | Relationship Theory

Are We Soulmates? How to Tell If You Have a Karmic Connection to Your Man

Is karma real? How does it impact relationships? How can I tell if the relationship I’m in right NOW is the right one.

Say It With Gorgeous Flowers on Valentine’s Day!

There is a saying, “Stop and smell the roses”. This may apply every day as we go about our bustling, busy lives, in order to slow down and appreciate the lovely things in life. However, on Valentine’s Day, flowers become even more of a treat, as they are given to our loved ones and sweethearts. Red roses, in particular, are the most popular Valentine’s Day gift among the flowers, but other colors and even…

Why Do I Keep Having the Same Relationship Problems?

If you feel stuck on an endless treadmill of unfulfilling relationships, or no relationships at all, look inside for the answers. Who and what are you attracting into your life? What gratification do you get from reliving these behaviors and feelings over and over again? What needs to shift inside of you before you start getting a different result? What lesson have you not learned yet? What keeps coming up again and again in every relationship, or every attempt at trying to start a relationship? What is the universe trying so hard to tell you, that you just don’t understand?

Candy Bouquets With a Surprise in the Bottom

These fun, easy-to-make Candy Bouquets with a Surprise in the bottom are perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, spouses, teachers and friends. Being a mom who loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her children just as much as she does with her husband, I am always on the look out for something fun, different, and inexpensive that I can do for the kids. Last year I discovered Candy Bouquets and made one for each of my children, personalizing it with a special surprise in the bottom.

How to Have Your Hands-Down Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Learn 6 tips to make your Valentine’s Day be a win-win for you and your partner!

The Soul Mate Myth – 5 Ways to Find Love

I’m going to come right out and say it: The concept of one perfect romantic soul mate destined to connect with you in this life is a myth. It does not exist. So there you go. Sorry. The phrase soul mate does have a great ring to it though.

Love Is in the Air – What’s Ahead for YOU

Love is in the air! This is that time of the year when one can easily spot couples holding hands and singing love songs and sweet nothings into their partner’s ears.

Valentine’s and Romantic Road Trips in Britain: Top Destinations

If you’re searching for romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover, along with romantic road trips, here you will discover five great British places which can bring inner happiness. From Kent to Cumbria, Oxfordshire to Scotland, Britain is full of beautiful places to woo your lady.

Attract That Special Person Using Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a phenomenal self-developmental tool, that helps you create your reality, and attract that special person, right down to the specifics, by changing or altering the frequency that you send out. You will attract whatever you are vibrating at, on a conscious and subconscious level. Your thoughts, the feelings associated with those thoughts, in certain brainwave frequencies, determine your reality and who shows up.

7 Romantic Ideas for the Sleep Deprived on Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for fun and unique Valentine’s Day ideas for the insomniac in your life? Look no further! Here’s an array of ideas for Valentine’s Day ideas that will promote a better night’s sleep for your Sweetheart.

Love Compatibility – How Do You Find It?

When you find love, compatibility is just as important. They are not always the same. Failing to realize this is the reason why some people find themselves in emotional and/ or in physically abusive relationships, and why some divorce.

Valentines Day – Make It Memorable

Remember men, women think Valentines Day is a big deal even if you don’t. So make sure you do something, even if a small gesture.

Sexually Charged Highly Intense Feeling

All living beings are sexually wired to react or respond to the opposite sex. Plants, animals, insects and humans are equal here. The mere presence of a person or being or life form of the opposite sex kindles in the other gender, sexual desires or feelings that demand actualization. These feelings increase with each minute spent together. When two people of the opposite are together alone and, especially if they have not had sexual intercourse previously, this feeling build up rather very fast.

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