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The Greatest Miracle

We are the family that God so longs to have as His own. Our loving sacrifices to maintain peace at home mean a lot to God. Our prayers toward Him bring Him much joy and cheer. He loves to hear from us. He loves to perfect us. Even when afflictions touch us, He is not unaware of them – because He watches over us like a loving Dad.

4 Top Love Quotes Apps For Android Devices

They say you realize you are head over heels with someone when you no longer find the company of your friends amusing. The girl or boy of your dream occupies your mind most of the time. You enjoy her company immensely when you are with him or her and miss him or her terribly when he or she is away.

Love Horoscope: Secret Of A Long Lasting Relationship

A horoscope indicates the position of planets at the time of birth of a person. An astrologer can analyze an individual based upon his horoscope which requires exact date, time and place of birth of that person. They are usually used to predict the future of a person.

The Three Things That Will Get Him Hooked on You

I bet you want to find the man of your dreams. But when you do, are you sure you’ll be able to keep him hooked on you and get him to commit to the relationship? In this article you’ll learn the three things a loving man desperately wants in a woman. Some men just want sex, but it’ll take more to get the attention of a loving man.

The Heart of a Father

The true meaning of Christmas seems nothing but a distant memory, relegated to the archives of ‘political correctness and ecumenism’. We cannot see the wood for the trees is an old saying that springs to mind; are we so deceived as not to recognize the genuine article when we are confronted? What caused us to become so blinded and arrogant? How have we strayed so far from the One who has pursued us with such love?

Rethinking A Dichotomy Between A Sex Offender And A Love Offender

It seems to this writer that the meaning of true love may soon be buried (if not) forever, in this corrupt patriarchal world. In our corrupt sytem, love can be described figuratively as ” the female infant that has been buried alive”. In this world of sin and sorrow, so much unjust suffering has been caused by the misuse of the word “love” and, innocent lives – mostly women and children – sacrificed in the name of “love”. How many innocent women have been infected with AIDS without a trace being left by which offenders can be brought to justice?

Love Song Memoirs

The Shower And Stag Wedding Memoirs – Being the maid of honor and the best man have a number of wedding memoirs duties. This includes the church responsibilities of handling the train, making sure that everyone is in their place and hosting the reception program. One of the important duties for any maid of honor and best man is to arrange for the bridal shower and stag party.

True Love Is Supposed To Be Timeless And Priceless

When two people are deeply in love, they can be said to be on top of a proverbial Love Mountain. As such, they see the whole world beneath them; they also do see others trying to get up to where they have reached in terms of the intensity of the love existing between them.They see the “forest” of fake lovers surrounding, and indeed beneath them; they see the rivers of love gushing forth from under their feet; they see the rainbow of love far above them in the horizon; in effect, they breathe in the fresh air of love; and indeed, they eat and drink love.

Top 6 Tips for Getting Your Man Back

Even though you and your man may have broken up, there are a lot of things you can do to either get back together or transition more easily out of the relationship. Here’s how to get started.

How Therapy Can Help Prevent Unhealthy and Unhappy Relationships

People don’t always understand the purpose of therapy. Many articulate that when they are feeling depressed or have a relationship problem, they will find a counselor. Have you ever thought about the benefits of therapy on your relationships? Many of the benefits are intangible, but this article explores some of those possibilities.

Does He Love Me? 3 Intuitive Questions About True Love Every Woman Ought to Ask

As a love and relationship empath and karma coach, one of the most common questions I get, are those that revolve around soul mates, spiritual compatibility and identifying real love. After all… who amongst us doesn’t want the one we are with right NOW, especially when we feel like he or she is the “ONE”, to be the relationship that lasts the long haul.

True Love And Fake Love – A Clarification

As a high school student, some of our co-eds, in their admiration for some us, used to say to us: ” Only your height; only your eyes; or only your nose.” However, if anyone of us asked them out, they would politely decline. We used to be captivated by their generous compliments about us, and for one reason or another, wrongly thought they were actually in love with some of us. The reality was that, they were only attracted to some particular characteristics inherent in some of us and nothing more. Therefore, there exists a great difference between someone who is (temporarily) filled with intense love for you and the one who truly loves you.

Coconut Oil As A Lubricant (Sexual Lube)

This article explores the use of coconut oil in one of the most intimate and personal ways. When used as a sexual lubricant, coconut oil provides numerous benefits for a wide range of intelligent and scientifically based reasons. Read and enjoy.

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