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Valentine’s Day and Commercialisation: What Do We Really Celebrate?

With the great giant of commercialization that is taking over our lives, are we losing touch with what is really important? This article explores the answer to this question with a cynical take on the celebration of the beautiful bond of Love on Valentines Day.

9 Reasons Why People Fall In Love

People fall in love for a lot of different reasons. From life long friends to more materialistic reasons, two people can get together and build a future.

Top Ten Things A Man Should Do For His Lady (New Year’s Edition)

Just a quick list compiled over my first couple years of marriage. My wife may have helped with this list.

5 Tips to Keep You From Being Rude on Valentine’s Day

It really is a holiday, gentlemen – It’s rude to forget that it’s Valentine’s Day and then try to excuse it by saying it’s not a “real” holiday. It’s official to her and the rest of the world and you’re surrounded by hearts, flowers and pink and red everything everywhere you go 24/7 the two weeks before February 14th. There really is no excuse and even a hand written love letter is better than showing up with nothing.

Ways to Tell If We Are Loved

How do you know if your partner loves you? Often there are many little signs throughout the day, the thoughtfulness of an unexpected text or when they remember to get something that you said you liked. And here are a few other ways for you to tell if you’re loved.

How To Find Love Again

Many times, the hurt from a failed relationship holds us back. We are scared to love again for fear of the relationship not working out and feeling the pain again. This post talks about how to get back out there and how to find love again.

A Man’s Covenant (With His Eyes)

When, as men, we make a covenant with our eyes we stop ourselves in the midst of being caught by that glance. We find ourselves noticing the pretty woman walking past and we are reminded of the agreement we have with God; to respect women because these are our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our mothers. There are not many men who would gladly give their kin over to an untrustworthy man.

How Am I to Live With This Broken Heart?

Compassion is something richly afforded out of loss. Grief is a coach and he works not only by assault, but also by compassion – as we may allow. If there were no grief there might also be little compassion.

Love Quotes For Facebook

There are many quotes that can be shared via Facebook especially love quotes because it’s the one that most quotes on the Internet are about. In this article, we are going to go through some of them and if you like them as well, it would deserve a share on your Facebook.

Love Means – No Conditions Attached!

If you truly love someone, you would not bother about how they look, how they dress up. All you would want to see is their smile, their happiness, which trust me is much more valuable than your own. If you are truly in love, you would let the other person fly high, taking support from you but never being held down by you. Love means to look up to someone, respect someone, and not look down upon someone.

It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost Than Never Having Loved Someone!

Love makes life worth living, and losing your loved one be it to a breakup or death makes life miserable, sometimes driving people crazy and even suicidal. Some go into depression, some take to alcohol and other drugs, some vent it out on the people close by, some shut themselves down and yet some fight through it never giving up and emerge out stronger. So whatever your situation maybe love never ceases to teach, share and care.

When Someone Ignores You

Although we don’t like to see ourselves in this situation and we usually ignore it when it’s at the threshold of our life, we welcome it as one of our guests during the happiest moment of our existence. The problem creeps in when all our amusing guest leaves, and this “situation” overstays as a guest in the ambience of our happiness, slowly engulfing all the roses in the garden, leaving all the thorns behind. This typical situation that I am referring to is of course, the situation of “being ignored by someone”.

Love Is Only a Word

Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force. Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.

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