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Double the Kindness, Halve the Distress

It was good for the Apostle Paul to experience kindness from the church at Philippi. He had come not so much to expect it; many of the churches he started or that he had fostered relations with had betrayed him in one way or another. Like any minister of the New Covenant, Paul is blessed to feel a reliable sense of trust permeate between himself and those who caused him to rejoice – the Philippians.

How To Tell Someone You Like Them?

This article guides you to initiate steps to express your feelings. Sometimes we squeezed with fear to express our feelings and afraid to accept any rejection from them. Keep in mind that every human being has a different attitude. So different ways should be addressed to initiate steps in express your feelings.

Is Romance a Thing of the Past?

Has good old fashioned romance really gone out of style or have we become so engrossed in short term relationships that we don’t have time for it? What has happened to that nervous butterflies in our stomach feeling or the crazy palm sweating situation we used to get into?

Choosing the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

If you want to express your love or friendship for someone this Valentine’s Day, flowers are the perfect way to do so. You can express so many different emotions with different varieties of flowers; it is no wonder that flower shops are at their busiest at this time of year. When you want to express something to someone at Valentine’s Day, choose the right flowers for your feelings and your budget, and you will be all set.

The Personality of Love

If love were a person how would we define its personality? There is indeed a very simple answer; from the person of Jesus Christ – as God is Love – we may get to know the personality of love, from this carpenter-come-teacher-of-life. The person who was both human and God epitomised the character of love, and perhaps this love had one central quality that, when nurtured, makes love what love is.

From Best Friends to Lovers: A How-To

A how-to guide on changing your platonic best friend into your romantic significant other. It’s not as hard as you might think!

What Does Unconditional Love Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what a practical method to unconditional love would look like? It is a small shift in perception of what we think of love to today’s standards. It is about sharing what you have inside yourself with others without expecting anything in return. I know, it’s seems like it can’t be done but in this article I try and articulate four of the main components that go into this practical application to moving into unconditional love. I mean what would a world look like if we were completely and freely sharing the love we feel for ourselves with others without expectation of someone having to be who “we” want them to be? You just might find your answer inside or get at least get you on the right track!

Happy Couples Communicate

You’d think it would go without saying that happy couples like each other. You have to like someone before you can love them. And happy couples love each other. They share a good laugh frequently and often. They pay attention to one another. They communicate.

Unlucky in Love? Think Again! The REAL Reason Women Don’t Meet Their Soulmate (Weird But True)

How come he doesn’t love me as much as I love him? Why do I keep finding myself at the bottom of the totem pole of priorities in EVERY relationship I’m in? Why does every relationship that starts out so well…

What Wouldn’t You Do for Love? Becoming Aware of Harmful Self-Sacrificing Behaviors

You will be amazed to realize what people do for love. Some sacrifice themselves on the “altar of a relationship”, some are involved with dangerous and stupid “adventures”. But whatever others do, what is important is that you know yourself and know what you are willing, or unwilling, to do “for love”.

Ten Ways To Improve Relationships

Heart Centered Relationships are about being our truest self and allowing our artier, our family members and friends to be the same. It is not about control, or ‘making’ others be the way that we want them to be. Here are 10 tips that will enable you to maintain a loving heart and a loving relationship.

Three Reasons to Send Your Girlfriend a Short Love Text Message

This article describes several reasons to send your girlfriend or wife a sweet text message every now and then. As such, it shows that text messaging is a good way to keep your relationship healthy.

A Few Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas

Women love romance and Valentine’s Day; especially receiving gifts on special holidays. Sometimes picking out the right jewelry for special holidays can be challenging, so read on to discover the best tips to selecting the perfect jewelry for your significant other.

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