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Find Love in a World Covered in Fog

How do women find love in a world covered in fog? This day and age is a very difficult period for trying to find love or successful long term relationships.

Love: How To Make It Work All The Time!

Did you ever ask yourself the question why the word LOVE is so magical for every human being on this earth? The biggest paradox we experience in our life is that as much as we want to love and be loved, somehow it is not easy to experience this most magical gift to be in love and be happy.

How to Test a Man to Know If He Loves You? 7 Great Ways to Know If His Love for You Is True or Not

Too many hearts are broken on account of infidelity. If you don’t want to find yourself with a broken heart later on and need to find out if he really cares for you, then put your guy to the test. Here are some wonderful ways in which you can test him and see if he is really in love with you.

Thankfulness, Joy and Gratitude Abounding

Remembrance is the divine quality that is gifted to all, though most, most of the time, don’t avail themselves to it. We forget too often what we already know, and because we already know it, but don’t make the effort to reconcile these memories, we miss the blessing that was destined for us – a divine linkage: thankfulness, joy, and then, gratitude.

Say This When You Text Him – Have the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever

Did you realize you have a secret weapon in your purse? Do you know that you can unleash an incredible power over your man’s mind using your cell phone? Continue reading and I will share with you how to spark romantic feelings in your man where he’ll be literally addicted to you.

Dos and Don’ts in Love

Couples Counselor shares the Dos and Don’ts of Love. With Valentines Day just around the corner spark up your relationship with these great tips!

Is Valentine’s Day For Saints Or Sinners?

Are you laughing with the sinners or crying with the saints this Valentine’s Day? Billy Joel likes laughing with the sinners. Me? I’m still deciding.

The Perfect Free Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love for one another. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Read our Valentine’s Day gift ideas that don’t cost a penny.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Love has so many different faces and forms. We love our family very differently than we love our kids, or friends, or pets or even chocolate. Love, as in the romantic type of love, is the love that lovers actually experience and encompasses three different types of love. First is a love between friends, this is known by the Greeks as ‘philia’, which means ‘concern for the others well-being’. The second is passionate love and the third is compassionate love. Let’s take a good look two most common.

Finding Love With Your Divine Gift of Imagination

What is the one thing that every single person in this whole wide world needs and wants? Of course we all know it’s love. On-line dating services are benefitting from the lonely hearts and even helping some. Nightclubs are jam-packed with people hoping to meet someone special. How do I know this? From painful, personal experience.

When Love Just Isn’t Enough

Sometimes love is downright confusing; whilst we may love someone, we cannot still – for matters of abuse or neglect – remain in the relationship. Ending something like this requires much thought, and compassion, for the other partner. Whilst some grief may be well-developed, some others’ is only just now about to start.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Wrapping up one’s affections in a heart-shaped box tied with a red bow has been a common Valentine’s Day practice since the late 19th century, but chocolate’s a relatively recent addition to this celebration of love. Before the invention of affordable, mass-produced chocolates, most couples made do with an array of other sugary confections, including marshmallows, candied nuts, jellied fruit, honey, butterscotch chips, caramels, toffee and pound cakes. Chocolate once believed to be an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs has become a staple as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Love at First Sight: Not Just in Fairy Tales

In most relationships, the act of falling in love takes time. It happens slowly as couples get to know each other and work to build trust and admiration. Most psychologists believe that this type of love is the healthiest and most genuine. Love at first sight is kind of like the expressway version of that type of emotional connection. Couples who experience this type of love put the cart before the horse, so to speak, and start their relationships with the intense feelings other couples have to earn.

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