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Wearing a Glorious Crown of Beautiful Flowers

A night that God prepared for me. He gave me a new life, a new beginning, a crown of beautiful flowers! Psalms 73:26 “My body and my mind may fail, but You are my strength and my choice forever!”

A Friendship SMS Story, What Not To Do

This is an article about a friend that learned firsthand how not to ask girls on dates and why it is easier to just send an easy SMS message. There are also great sites below that will show you just how to write an effective SMS.

Remember When

There’s no such thing as an overnight success! In fact, I have been on an eighteen-year creative journey that has allowed me to become a well-published Inspirational Writer, but it certainly didn’t happen overnight. This is the story behind my parable “Remember When” and is about love, life, loss and faith.

Why Love Is Omnipresent and Accessible For Everyone

“Love is simple.” This is what I sense it from my mom’s dog. Maybe it seems crazy for some of you, but I believe that when I have a strong bond with animals, I can sense lots of wisdom and feelings from them. And the wisdom is always easy and simple. Only human beings complicates things and get lost in entangled mind chatter.

Open Heart, Loving Boundaries

The idea of love and boundaries has been on my mind lately. As I have been diving deeper into my own practice of yoga and meditation, my understanding of Love has become much more expansive. One of the things that often is generated from the practice of yoga is the creation of space. Space is opened up in the tight muscles of the physical body through the various poses and the organs have more room to function effectively at their maximum capacity; however internal space is also opened up through the quieting of the mind.

Don’t Give Up, If You Like to Love

“DON’T give up because you like to love!” These were the Words the Holy Spirit communicated through my spirit into my soul. God knows the overtures of love we issue forth into this world, and just as much he knows the sting of rejection as we feel it when our love goes unrequited.

10 Tips That Make Loving You Easy

Why are some relationships so easy while others are so hard to endure? If you could shape the dynamics of your relationship, would you do it? There really are some things that simply make loving you easy, while other make it challenging and difficult. Many people are completely unaware of potential stumbling blocks to their own happiness. What traits create the warmest loving responses in our relationships?

Love Without Abandon

It was Sunday Morning. I was sitting in bed drinking coffee and looking out the window while listening to Rob read a food review from a critic that once came to my bakery. As usual, there are a million things going on out that window and this morning did not disappoint.

20 Types of People to Truly Encourage, Affirm and Love

THERE are still too many in our richer First World societies that have had life so comfortably good – who have never had it bad – that cannot empathise with another portion of the world that have rarely had it good – or who have had it so bad it transformed them. The vulnerable deserve our encouragement, affirmation and love. These are just some who deserve every bit our encouragement, affirmation and love.

The Attitude of Love In Observable Behaviour

LOVE is not a feeling, but more an action; something observable rather than simply an attitude. Not many would disagree. Sure, we might feel ‘in love’ or find ourselves loving something or somebody, but real love, when it is analysed, is much less about emotion than it is about action.

What Is Love? Let Us Give Love A Definition

Defining love has been one of the most difficult tasks. Every definition, in a way, it seems that lacks something. Let us try to give it a frame!

Old School Love: Where Has It Gone?

Are you tired of getting into relationships that go nowhere? Maybe you need to change your bait in order to catch the kind of love you want.

Left Alone With Just a Memory

They’re gone, it’s over, the end… someone you love has left and all you can feel is loneliness; there’s nothing left to feel. Life becomes surreal when you lose someone you love. Overwhelming emotions surface when someone who said they would always stay, or a child you believed would be there to your end is suddenly gone. They’re gone and you are left there all alone; even if others are close at hand, you feel all alone.

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