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Dysfunctional Love: What Is Dysfunctional Love?

It is clear to see that in the world we live in, what is often classed as love is anything but love and could be classed as dysfunctional and in some cases abusive. So this is going to be my perspectives on some of the things that are not love. We come to understand what something is, by understanding firstly what it is not. This is what is known as negation.

3 Quotes About Relationships – Help Solve YOUR Relationship Problems, Today!

This article covers the basics of why relationship problems exist in the first place. And the quick answer is: YOU, and your lack of personal development! Ouch! That may sound harsh, but there are 3 quotes about relationships that tend to back up my view. Dare you read on, to see if it’s true?…

Understanding Unrequited Love

People try so hard to be fair with each other, but still end up inside the same pit wherein they are reminded that life is unfair. A cliche it is. In fact, this world will never be balanced without this virtual imbalance.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

Almost 4 years ago, I met the modern day version of Maria; Charming, Beautiful, Warm, Kind, Intelligent, Creative, Great with furniture rearranging and the list just keeps on going and we embarked on what was to become my most important relationship. In fact, in hindsight I had fallen deeply in love with her from the moment we met. She is, I believe, my soul mate and being with this person was the most incredible time of my life.

Relationship Tips – When You or Someone You Love Is Suffering

Things are heating up lately! Are you noticing how many people feel pressure from either outside circumstances or their inner thought world?

All Relationships End Miserably So Focus On The Present

Love may be temporary and fleeting, but we can love each other now and each future now. Now is all we have.

Does The No Contact Rule Really Work? Find Out Here!

If you’ve just been dumped by your lover, it’s safe to say that what you’re experiencing is an emotional roller-coaster ride. Naturally, your instinct is to call, text, or email your ex. How you respond to a breakup can affect whether or not you can get your ex back and you don’t want to mess it up. How Will the No Contact rule work?

Keeping Your Man In Love With You – Things You Shouldn’t Ignore To Keep Him Interested In You

It was hard enough getting him to commit but keeping your man in love with you throughout can often be challenging. After you meet the person you think “is the one”, you don’t want to let go of him. It’s like you searched all the garbage and finally found a diamond!

The 3 Revealing Signs Your Ex Is Over You

Do you resemble a train wreck now after your ex broke up with you? Along with the emotional roller coaster ride your mind experience, it also takes major toll on your body. While you’ve done everything you can to get your ex back, you have no clue whether or not they’re over you.

Follow Your Heart, Dare to Be Happy

There are many different ways to follow your heart to your happiness and all the other wonderful things you intend to have in your life. The quickest way is being free to express the magnificent spirit of you without concern of the opinion or judgment of others. Stop thinking, how do I just stop everything else to follow my heart, what about my responsibilities or obligations to my job, my family and others?

How to Fly on a Lover’s Wings

Love is a product of a heart that is built on self-sacrifice. Love is a way of life – not a burden. It is part of a man’s daily activities that deserves a reward. Do not forget that any work without an attached reward is burdensome and a waste of time. One of the best work-forces to join is the Love-force because there are great rewards attached to it.

How to Be Attracted to the One You Love

Effective communication helps you express your feelings and thoughts such that people do not easily misunderstand you. Your face may be as hard as a stone by nature, but effective communication with people lets them know that you are not as bad as you look.

Love and Hate Are Not Opposites

The other day I shared what I discovered about the concepts of Love and Hate. They are not opposing notions but opposite ends of the same emotional continuum. What then, is the opposite of love?

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