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The Secret of Falling In Love Using Your Mind

The secret behind falling in love is in the mind. Before you meet the person you want, you need to concentrate in your mind. This will create the magnetic field that attracts the person you want in life. It is not by accident that you meet someone and fall in love at first sight. It is your subconscious that has created this situation for you to meet. You have the potential to create and achieve anything you want in life. You only need to concentrate in your mind.

When Your Partner Only Has Eyes for You

Becoming close to someone entails making ourselves vulnerable and that can be a scary prospect. Understanding that by maintaining our individuality and independence we benefit the relationship is important to appreciate. We do not need to be everything to each other in every area of our lives.

Learning From Your Mistakes – How to Keep Yourself From Falling In Love Too Quickly

Everyone just simply wants to love and be loved but many of us fall in love quickly without ever knowing what we want from a relationship. Find out why you can’t catch and keep love by looking deep within yourself and acknowledging your errors. Finding true love means learning to say no and being firm about not letting that person inside your life if he or she isn’t what you are looking for.

Are You Blocking Love?

In matters of the heart, if you want the law of attraction to work for you look at your beliefs about love. They may not be true. Once you know what they are, you can begin to change them. Here are some commonly held, untrue beliefs about love. Which ones are blocking you?

When to Say NO to a Marriage Proposal

You have been seeing each other for some time and one fine day he/she suddenly proposes marriage to you. What do you do? You’ve got along well enough as friends and generally there is a sort of cozy feeling being together but is that adequate to make you decide to agree to the proposal?

Are You Addicted to Love?: The Difference Between a Love Relationship and Being Addicted to Love

There exists a fine line between love and addiction, a sobering idea which is powerfully explored via the explanation thereof followed by a self-assessment quiz. By spending some time with the construct of love, each reader can further their own knowledge on the subject, all while being careful to not fall into an obsessive state. Good luck and all the best!

How To Remember To Show Your Love

According to Barbara D’Angelis, author of the best book I know to finding the ideal partner, “Are You the One For Me”, an age difference of more than eleven years is a “time bomb”. This means that everything may start out rosy, but sooner or later there is bound to be a blow-up -a major conflict of interest because of the difference in ages.

Falling Out of Love: Can Depression Make You Fall Out of Love?

Falling out of love with someone is something that is hard to deal with but still happens. What defines relationships? Love usually defines relationships. However, what can be influential enough to lead someone into falling out love when they have invested so much into the relationship?

The Limited Opportunity to Love and Nurture Relationships

Loving relationships are indispensable to the emotional happiness of you and your partner. But, it involves easily broken hearts and expectations. Similarly, loving relationships impact your mental and physical health.

Building A Life Of Love

I recently read an article in a newspaper about how two people fell in love at first sight. While their relationship lasted for over 30 years, it was their shared interests, dedication to their personal development, and genuine respect for each other, that made their union so strong. Meeting through mutual friends, they quickly struck up a conversation.

Tips for May-December Relationships

Romantic relationships are considered to be “May/December” when the younger person is in the “spring” of their life and the older person is in the “winter” of their life and the couple’s ages are at least a decade apart. There may be some judgmental people who throw out terms like: Mrs. Robinson, kept man, trophy wife, cougar, mother figure, sugar daddy, sugar mommy, gold digger, and boy toy. But to that I recommend you give them a big, “WHATEVS!” If the two of you are happy dating each other then who cares what some judgmental and naive people think?

Big Feng Shui Tips If You Truly Want Your Love to Last!

Dear Single Girl, This romance with your latest love is looking very promising. If you really think he’s The One, follow these Feng Shui Relationship tips and you’ll be marching down the aisle in no time! This goes for all of you Single Guys out there too!

Love, Where Art Thou?

I call unto you Cupid, I think we badly need to talk about your aim: of who’s who? Those cute couple perfected together. They’re like everywhere! The thought of having someone there with you seemed so comforting. I badly wanted to see myself in the same plight. Badly…

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