How to Build Trust in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

Suspicion Ruins Relationships: How to Stop It

Are you always worried about where your man is and what he’s doing? That’s a big sign of jealousy, and it could severely damage your relationship.

How to Let Him Know You Care Without Scaring Him Off

Do you want to make your man feel special? Learn how to make him feel loved without making him feel smothered.

He’s Married – What Do I Do?

Relationships are never easy, but continuing a relationship with a married man can be disastrous. Read on to find out why.

Balancing Emotions and Reason In a Relationship

Is your heart getting in the way of what your head is telling you to do? Or is your mind overpowering what you know you’re feeling? Learn how to balance the two.

How to Make Her Go Lovesick Instead of You

There are indeed a whole lot of men out there who would want to get a woman to chase after them, especially those which they’re genuinely interested in. You’ll also find some other guys who’ve made blunders in such efforts and made the error of over complicating things.

Knowing What Is Normal in a Relationship

Most people think that just because someone says that they love you; you have to put up with anything that they might throw your way. A healthy relationship isn’t about going through hell and high water it’s about giving and receiving love. It’s about respect, dignity, and love. By knowing what a normal relationship is you can have the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Girlfriend Help: Tips to Get Back Your Loved One

Girlfriend help comes in handy when you are experiencing problems in your relationship. At times you may feel that the best way to handle issues with your girlfriend is to ignore them. This may not solve the problem at all; in fact, it may lead to a break up. Why do guys prefer to ignore relationship problems?

Personal Space

Every relationship is comprised of two or more people; each having his/her own identity. There are times when those identities can overlap and it can be difficult to ascertain where the boundaries are which can create some dissatisfaction within the relationship.

The Love Story

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful mortal princess who was the youngest of three sisters. The people loved Princess Psyche so much that the Roman Goddess of Love named Venus became jealous and came up with a plan to harm her. She sent her son, Cupid, into the Princess’ room when she was sleeping and gave him instructions to shoot her with an arrow so that when she awakened she would fall in love with a hideous creature that Venus has placed in her room.

Can’t Tell If It’s Love or Lust?

Consider me your own personal therapist and life-coach, with plenty of insight into everyday issues. If you truly want the results that you are seeking in your life, taking my advice will eventually lead you to a better place.

Is There Such a Thing As True Love?

Finding the meaning of true love is definitely something that isn’t absolute. Here are some concepts to consider when you want to find your unique meaning for true love.

How to Impress a Girl

How to impress a girl? It is a common question asked by men. Becoming a master on the subject of how to impress a girl is really a luxury talent every single male in the world wishes to have. The magic formula is actually to make your-self stand out from the others. Find some strategies to differentiate yourself to impress her.

Secrets How to Attract Women Effortlessly

The reality is that many men do not know how to attract women naturally. They look at their counterparts who do it simply and think that it is a character that someone gets born with. Oddly enough, this is not the case, because any man can be able to attract women without putting in a lot of effort.

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