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When Loving Your Spouse Grosses You Out

Even though I am completely grossed out right now, I totally accept my self and my emotions, and I forgive my spouse for doing the best they know. And, I choose to be loving, open and responsive.

My Heart Is Broken

So many times in life we get our hearts broken. Today I want to express what that means to me.

The Real Purpose of Love

The purpose of partnership is to experience love and expand our ability to know love, within. All who participate in our lives carry with their presence the ability to aid our evolution. That is their primary purpose, and our primary purpose in their life.

Learn How to Write a Love Letter to Win Your Wife’s Heart

It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I am convinced the way to a woman’s heart is through her ears! A letter that conveys true love will last forever for her.

The Benefits of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

A brief article which surmises that being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t really quite as bad as most make it out to be. Discussed are certain perks to being single in a time when others demand you not to be.

Compatibility in Love

How important is the degree of your personal compatibility in determining the success factor in your relationship? Answer: Very Important. When it comes to love compatibility with your partner, there are several factors that you can consider. The list of factors below is by no means exhaustive.

How to Plan a Romantic Evening to Remember

Every couple should make a commitment to romance. Getting away from the hustle, bustle and monotony of life is important for individuals who want to keep their relationship hot and passionate. One way to do the aforementioned is to plan a romantic evening. This can be as over-the-top as a person wants or conversely as quiet and relaxed as one desires.

Love Yourself Just the Way You Are

This article suggests that you learn to love and accept yourself fully. Once you do this, you will be able to see the people in your life that love you as well.

Love When the Air’s Toxic

Everyone rues the day they encounter the person who presses all the wrong buttons, particularly the “off” button. Grace has been saved for this situation, yet even grace wants to quickly depart. Love is easy when we encounter those like us. Those that bamboozle our sense of what’s right and fair, however, leave us momentarily confused for an answer; even to a point that finds us embarrassed. It’s so much worse if this one is close by – a boss, a parent (or child), or a spouse! How do we love the ‘toxic’ person?

The Love of Compassion

Could there be a godlier portion of virtue than compassion? Merciful and kind, enriched with clement grace, ever-understanding, and adorned with a patient humility, compassion is always pleasant and in season. It is God’s gift to the virtuous.

Post-Traumatic Relationship Stress Disorder

After experiencing a series of romances–be they dating relationships or marriages–that leave them disappointed, broken-hearted, disillusioned, betrayed, and ultimately, just plain alone, many people start to experience what I am calling “post-traumatic relationship stress disorder.” Repeated efforts to build a long-term relationship and ending up alone eventually creates an emotional and spiritual state of despair, and a lack of trust in dating, marriage and the relationship process. This article looks at “post-traumatic relationships sterss disorder,” and the willingness at the root of making relationships work over time.

The Image of Love and Romance Within Art

The image of love and romance is very common within art and has been for many centuries, right back to the rise of the Renaissance across Italy and then the rest of Europe. Art has always been about emotion and there is no stronger emotion than love, making it an ideal subject for any painting or drawing. This powerful emotion can have negative and positive impacts on everyone’s lives and as such the images and paintings created from it depict a wide range in scenes which cover for example happy couples or the loneliness of someone after a relationship breakup.

4 Lessons on Life and Love From Bees

Courage, wisdom, patience, and love: these four can empower pleasure for life like few others. These virtues are kindly generous as they are grand. Who would think we could discover these from beekeeping?

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