How to Create BOUNDARIES and CLARITY in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

A Love So Great That Great Be Our Desire to Love

JESUS is what love is all about. He cut through every boundary of stuffy selfish bureaucracy to establish an everlasting way to love on earth. The King came in Jesus, and the Kingdom came in Jesus. The King came and so did the Kingdom in love.

Love at First Sight Could Be Real

Love, at first sight, sounds like a myth to many whiles to some; it’s an absolute workable miracle of some sort. The whole idea is based on the saying that love is blind and therefore, at first sight, logic and sense do not matter as long as the feeling of that great desire and admiration has been stirred and blossomed into a strong affection. This feeling may be mutual or just within one individual who latter persuades the other person to awaken a similar feeling in them.

God Is Building a Critical Mass of Peacemakers

In a recent devotion I ran for eleven- and twelve-year-old primary school students, I commended them to the beatitude: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9 NRSV) Ostensibly Christian, I asked them if they were children of God. “Yes, we are,” they replied. So, I said, does this verse tell us that if we’re children of God that we’re to be peacemakers? I went on to say, people call us children of God when they see us act as peacemakers.

Loving My Somali Neighbour

SCHOOL is a learning place. We know that. But a place where parents learn? Yes, I say, from my own experience.

Love Right Now

Now is the only moment that anything can be done. If you have ever been on the rocks of a relationship than this article may help you to improve all parts of your relationships. People sometimes get stuck in a rut and this affects all parts of their life. That means they get up and go to work, come home, eat, watch television and go to bed. It is time to consider the others around us and start acting in their best interest. We get into relationships because we love these people. Begin to act as in the beginning. When dating we treat people different than when we have been with someone for a decade. Should that attitude of dating change?

Learning to Love Her Anyway

If you want to love your girlfriend anyway, you should focus on her strengths and the things you share in common. Every person is different and if two people want to live a shared life, they have to appreciate their differences, create a shared dream, set rules, give each other space and, most importantly, forgive each other.

Love Through Time

Why is love so hard to find? Is looking for love pointless? Why not turn things around? Be love, do not search outside, look within.

Should You Wait to Express Your Love for Valentine’s Day?

Summary: Expression of love does not require a special day. Be it any day of the year, you can propose your loved one. Valentine’s day is meant for social formalities, after all.

He’ll Look at You Differently If You Do This

Most women think they need to look a certain way in order to capture a man’s attention. It’s not true.

I Danced With Christ In Bali

My husband had died and I sought spiritual refuge at a retreat in Bali. Completely unexpectedly I had an actual 3D physical experience with Jesus Christ Who invited me to dance. I also had a supernatural physical experience when the bones in my skull began to adjust themselves of their own accord.

In Love, But Not With Me

Energy’s always put into relationships that are destined to fail. One-sided feelings has no recourse. Breathlessly we chase what will never be. Desperation gets you nothing. Don’t make your heart suffer in vain. See the problem, recognize it for what it is then move on.

Is Love An Illusion?

The world tells us that love is one of many emotions, a state of mind that is temporary and there is more to life than it. It made me wonder, is it really so. I began my search for an answer by running a search on the internet.

Living a Life of Loving-Kindness

We all tend to be so hard on ourselves. We hate when we slip and we end up slipping into a tirade of negative self-talk for days. There are many ways that we can avoid such situations in our lives. Many times the physical situations are out of our control. Things happen! However, we can take steps to being as self-compassionate as possible so that what was a slip won’t turn into an inner war and rage. In this article, I offer a few steps to live a life of loving kindness.

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