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It’s Because I Love You

When God promised me a second chance in the field of love and life and family I didn’t quite expect to be so blessed. The truth about hope is that, while hopes are bold, our hopes tend not to be bold enough. God knows. God is good. God is faithful.

In Search of Loving Humility

Love is the way to please God. Through reconciliation and forgiveness and grace we have a way forward. What grows from love is goodness. And all sorts of fruit of the Spirit are manifest as a result of tirelessly attempting to please God through love. In love we are certainly blessed by a multiplicity of love.

Unrequited Love: What To Do With One-Way Love

Many teenagers experience unrequited love, which means a “one-way love” where you love somebody but that person doesn’t love you, or at least, not yet. This is a difficult situation and one of the toughest that teenagers face. The solution is to be both realistic and hopeful, and to get to know that person better.

The Difference Between Love and a Crush

Many teenagers experience powerful feelings of romantic love, which people refer to as a “crush”. However, many teens believe these feelings to be indicators of true love, when, in fact, they are not. Understanding the difference between love and a crush is important, so that teens can make the right decisions about their relationships.

Speaking the Spiritual Languages of Encouragement

To encourage someone is to step aside them and give them a gift of holy sustenance; a human being cannot thrive without cause of hope borne of encouragement. But, even if the soul cannot find any encouragement, they find it from within themselves, if they have a generative self-esteem.

A Modern Man’s Interpretation Of Old School Advice

Napoleon Hill’s old school advice on love gets a fresh update. Women and Men’s role in relationships have changed and they each need to embrace their modern day energy, while keeping true to traditional values of love and support for each other.

Why the Devil Wants You to Not Forgive Those Who Hurt You

To stubbornly hold on to unforgiveness is to deliberately disobey God. The opportunity, moreover, is to understand that resentment and bitterness are invitations to reconcile.

Loving Someone: The Pain Of Letting Them Go

Loving Someone means being willing to let them go and hoping that they will return to you. They will if they really love you.

The Extravagant Practicalities of Forgiveness

When we do what only we can, God’s does what only he can. If, by our wills we act in a forgiving way, God, too, will act.

Should You Work With a Life Coach to Improve Your Relationship?

You love your partner very much, but you feel that you have still not found the ideal harmony between you two. In this situation, you can use the services of a life coach to make your relationship even stronger and more special. Find out what such a professional will be able to do for you to decide whether this is the right option.

“Soul Mate” Catastrophe! – Friendship Vs True Love!

Have you often wondered about “true love”? I, personally, bloom on feelings and the idea of giving, sharing and getting. It’s in my genes; my blood. It’s simply my emotional personality and I like that about myself. However, I am not unique. We, as humans, flourish on such affection and appreciation. “Soul Mate” Catastrophe! – Friendship Vs True Love! tries to explore this same feeling

Loving You Ain’t Easy, But It Is Worth It

This article addresses the difficulties we find in loving someone. It helps us to see that although it may get hard, it is certainly worth it.

The Deeper Side of Love

There are two kinds of love. One is sweet and heart-warming. We write poems and sing love longs about this kind of love. But there is a deeper kind of love, the kind that gives us courage to face down depression and the loss of loved ones, the kind that speaks of ” in sickness and in health” when we take our marriage vows.This is not “sweet” love; it is “deep: love.

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