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The Untold Truth About Love in an Intimate Relationship

Love is the simple but mysterious word which many have misunderstood base on their naive or fallacious beliefs.The misconception about that word has led to the collapse of many would be great relationships.Love is first and foremost personal.Failure to comprehend this little truth will lead to untold headaches in your pursuit of love.

When Standing Up for Yourself Means Standing Up for the Relationship

When you and your mate have a difficult decision to make, do you typically (a) discuss the pros and cons of each option until you reach a mutually agreeable choice; (b) argue until you’re so angry you can’t talk about it anymore, or (c) disagree at first, but then one of you defers to the other’s wishes in order to keep the peace? If the answer is (c) “one of you defers to the other”-and it’s almost always the same one-he or she could be what some therapists like to call the “shoe salesman” in the relationship…

Have You Created A Vision For Your Relationship

Often times when I speak to people about creating a vision for their relationships, they see the sense in it, but don’t feel as though it is something they could actually do. They often feel as though it’s impossible to do by themselves and if they are already in a relationship they feel restricted, so they never actually try. However when I share that they are already unconsciously creating a vision by living out old beliefs about relationships, which have been handed down to them by family members and or society; then they get it.

The Legend Of True Love

What is true love? Can we ever really find it?

Life Is a Constant Letting Go

When things don’t work out, it’s not our job to obsess over it; it’s our job to find everything within ourselves to accept change and to move forward. Life is a constant letting go, let go of what is not meant for you at this moment.

What If I Can’t Stop Thinking About an EX? (Help!) Understanding the KARMA of Connection

What does it mean if I can’t stop thinking about a past partner, previous lover or old flame that I simply can’t get over? Is there a spiritual life lesson I’m supposed to be learning…

When Your Soul Mate Changes, Or Refuses To

Soul Mate relationships can be beautiful and loving. But soul mates can have challenges too. A psychic, counselor, and past life regression therapist discusses some of the joys, difficulties, and karmic functions of soul mate relationships. Reflections for sorting out your karmic relationships are also discussed.

Ogling Beautiful Women With My Wife’s Help

My wife doesn’t discourage me from admiring other women. She helps me out. And I point out handsome strangers for her benefit, too.

Dysfunctional Fruit: Evidence of Unhealthy Relational Roots

Ever wonder why some of your relationships aren’t working out? Is there a lot of conflict or incompatibility issues going on? Where do you normally look first? Perhaps the first place we should look is the place where we can influence adjustments and growth the most; it is ourselves. How do we know if our patterns of relating is healthy when we enter a relationship. What if you’ve had a series of relationships that just didn’t work out? It’s time to be a fruit inspector. What kind of “fruit” are you producing in your relationships. Read on to find out.

Sometimes It Lasts in Love, Sometimes It Hurts Instead

I stay awake in the middle of the night, wondering where life has brought me. I look back at all those situations where i could have acted in a different way and saved myself all the unwanted pain…

Relationships: Why Every Man Should Respect A Woman

Women are deprived of what they deserve the most-respect.It is only when a woman is respected by her family, the society too will follow the suit. This article focuses on the need to change a man’s attitude towards every woman.

How to Tell If It Is True Love

When you’re in a relationship that’s going well, it is natural to find yourself fantasizing about spending the future with the object of your affection and attention. But if you’re smart, you’ll stop and try to figure out whether what you’re feeling is lust or love? Are you in a relationship that could last you for eternity, or are you really just infatuated?

Love – Part 1

It is strange how our expressions are similar about it. A poem that 1000 years or yesterday’s old will talk about the same feeling. It’s not a matter of culture or time. Love is always there!

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