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Self Respect And Love

Self respect and love make a great couple and the longest relationships have them both. If you love someone without respecting them you are setting yourself and your partner up for a miserable existence. If you want to build a strong relationship, build it on mutual respect for each other and you will have a relationship that nothing can harm.

Are You Looking for Your Soul Mate?

I have no doubt you have heard of the term “soul mate”. According to Caroline Myss in her book “Sacred Contracts”, we have taken that term and linked its meaning to that of a long term romantic partner. Yet in fact its meaning runs far deeper than merely romantic and stretches far wider than just one other.

How To Make Any Man Fall Crazily And Deeply In Love With You! This Will Make Him Obsessed With You

One of the best ways to make any man fall crazily and deeply in love with you is by making him obsessed with you. Have you been in a relationship where the guy has lost interest in you after the first few dates? If you’ve been frustrated when the relationship didn’t work out the way you expected it to, don’t despair.

Is Your Boyfriend Ignoring You? Here’s How To Make Him Interested In You Again!

Do you wonder why your boyfriend’s ignoring you? Would you like to make him interested in you again? Do you feel frustrated when he isn’t paying enough attention towards you?

How To Make Any Man Pay More Attention Towards You! This Will Make Him Come After You Like A Dog

Do you want to get guys to pay more attention towards you? Do you feel that your husband or boyfriend isn’t giving you the attention you deserve? If you are really serious about learning how to get a guy to pay more attention towards you, read on.

Have You Mastered the Art of Non Love?

There seems to be increasing pressure in Western culture for “love” to be provided by someone’s intimate partner. Right off the bat, that feels like an awful lot of pressure for one person.Western society seems to have serialised and glamorised “love”. Our Barbie and Ken childhoods have programmed us to believe love is something that it is not. Romanticism has become the religion of the West and a confused generation left in its wake.

When a Guy Is Lustfully In-Love

A lot of people misconstrue lust for love, hence a topsy-turvy relationship. What love really is should be understood for a harmonious and even a physically satisfying relationship.

Hate Talk Makes People Walk

To love as God would in the world is the great privilege of the class of humanity, yet a trillion shimmering stars of indifference separate you and I because of our ever unique value-sets. Let’s face it, we will not agree. But we can still respect each other. One thing many Christians still do not get is hate talk makes people walk…

The Experience of Knowing Love

Love. Love! Love? We hear, speak, and espouse this word as if it is a catch all. We relish it as if it is the concluding remedy for any situation. People talk about it, write songs and books about it, quote scripture about it from all religions, and embrace the concept of it all around the world. The presentation of love has become a buzz word that is eschewed as our only purpose. We all seek it. We covet it. We want it. We even dream about it. But have we contemplated the vibration of that word and how it defines itself? Do we truly, from within, know what love is?

How to Have a Sacred Connection With Your Man – Get the Romance Back Fast

Have you been wondering how to renew the connection you once had with that man in your life? Would you love to know how to spark a spiritual connection with him and create more feelings of love and enjoyment than ever before?

Should You Tell a Man You Love Him Before He Says It? I Have a Theory About This!

So many women worry whether they should express their love for a man to him before he does. It can definitely push a man away sometimes, especially if they don’t feel love yet in their heart for the women. However, my reason for why they pull back could surprise you!

Wait! Don’t Tell Him You Love Him, Say This Instead!

Everyone loves to here those three special words, “I love you.” However, men respond better to your expressions of love when phrased in a way that hits their manhood!

How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You – Amazingly Effective Tips To Make Any Guy Love You Madly!

Do you want to learn how to make a man fall in love with you? Do you feel frustrated when you see other women get their way effortlessly with men? Do you experience trouble when it comes to making a guy fall completely head over heels in love with you?

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