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Teenage Romantic Love and Relationships

From Romeo and Juliet, to Pyramus and Thisbe and beyond, teens have been teeing off parents in their romantic choices for thousands of years. If this has been going on that long, what chance do we have in getting today’s teens to do any better? Just the facts, Juliet: It is in a teen’s DNA to want to experience romantic love.

What Do Guys Find Attractive – The Four Essentials

A lot of females make the mistake of thinking that physical beauty is always what men find appealing. Admittedly, beauty plays a big role into a guy’s advance, nevertheless, it does not assure you of a good relationship. Symbols of good relationships will be actresses and stars if this was factual. It’s common understanding that this isn’t true.

The Endurance of Love

The Summum Bonum is Omnibenevolence: the highest good. It is love. God is Love. And love encapsulates all things. We enjoy life because of love. We grieve because of love. We suffer because of love. Everything of meaning has its meaning in love.

How to Be Compelling To Men – Four Successful Techniques

It’s a common mistake in females that being beguiling to guys means you have to do some dressing up. The fact is, this is just a small factor in the issue of being fascinating.

Moving On After a Relationship Breakup

Moving on after a relationship break-up is different for everyone. Some move on quickly while others need more time to process what has happened. However, very few of us move on without having some sense of loss for what might have been. And that’s a normal part of the process of moving on.

The Divine Aphrodisiac

Love is freeing and the Divine aphrodisiac is about claiming our freedom. We can only do that when we accept love for what it is: a thing producing emotion, positive and negative, good and bad. To be adequately captivated to love is to live courageously.

Three Effective Ways To Make A Male Fall In Love With You

You may be in a commitment with a man and wish to be more knowledgeable on how to make him fall in love with you. There are quite a lot of ladies who make errors when trying to get a man to fall in love with them.

Are You In Love With the Idea of Love?

My beloved and late friend and I used to spend our afternoon walks discussing my love life. Now that he’s gone, I wonder if he would still say that I am in love with the idea of love. How about you? Are you really in love or are you just in love with the idea of Love? Let’s see.

Twin Flames, the Encounter and It’s True Purpose

Twin flame or twin souls hold complimentary not identical energies. They live separate lives but share the same purpose.

The Best Romantic Getaway Ideas That You Might Want to Try

Do you have plans of leaving your monotonous world for a few days and spend a romantic getaway with your loved one? If you have, then you absolutely need to make everything perfect and memorable for both of you.

Grandparenting: The Number One Ingredient Is LOVE

Let me start off by saying that when you look at the top 10 ingredients for being a good grandparent, you will see “love” as the number one ingredient. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for love. Period!

5 Modern Romantic Birthday Ideas

Your partner’s birthday is approaching fast and you want to surprise them on their birthday. You got the card, a romantic dinner is planned… but you want to do something else, something modern and fun. Traditional romantic birthday ideas (for example candle lit dinner, chocolates, going dancing together) are absolutely valid and definitely worth employing but for those of you who are into modern technology and want to use it to add romance to your relationship, I suggest 5 modern romantic birthday ideas.

Criticism: How Does It Affect A Relationship

Criticism in relationships is the first sign of an emerging problem that can ultimately ruin the very foundation of your relationship. In a relationship, you tend to overlook your partner’s shortcomings and instead focus on their positive characters. However, as your relationship progresses and becomes old, you seem to focus mainly on your partner’s faulty personalities and overlook his or her positive attributes, which once attracted you.

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