How to Establish if Your Relationship is a Priority | Relationship Theory

Rising to the Humble Love of Kindness

If you could argue a case for love – the type of love – that makes the biggest difference, what would it be? Without a second’s thought I’d say kindness.

Love, Lust or Addiction?

Wonder whether you’re in love or in lust? Are you obsessed because you’re addicted or in love? Lust and love and addiction don’t always exclude one another.

Love’s Many Languages

Many of us don’t realize that our attempts at making our loved ones feel loved are misguided. We just don’t understand their “love language.” This article will explain and clarify what “love languages” are and how to take the first step into understanding both yours and that of your loved one. This information could save your relationship.

Why We Fall In Love

Many people believe that humans fall in love purely because it is a law of Physics. Everything comes in pairs, two of everything. Is it possible that this age-old simple law is indeed behind everything? Scientists tell us that we cannot escape these laws that create our world. But is that the only truth? Is there more? Is there a reason for that yearning that cannot be quelled, for the search that must be completed to find the missing part of you, to complete you?

Know God, Know Love – No God, No Love

We cannot say we know God if we do not love others. The moment we entertain bitterness toward another person is the moment we jeopardise our faith.

Heal Your Broken Heart Permanently

Did your relationship break down and hurt you? Did it bring you a lot of pain, disappointment and loneliness. You are probably feeling all those feelings right now. That unhappy relationship has stayed in your mind and is etched there permanently. Many people can remember the emotional hurt from failed relationships for the rest of their lives. It hurts them and they remember things and negative memories circulate round their mind and they just can’t seem to get rid of them

Don’t Talk About This, We’re Catholic

For the record, I’m not a religious person. It’s not that I don’t believe in God, I just don’t believe in organized religion per se. But it won’t ever stop me, from keeping a weather eye on the latest developments so to speak. Especially, if someone, somewhere manages to upset the apple cart of established thinking.

The Light Switch to Love: Presence and Permission

I get easily overwhelmed by too much to do, too many choices and too much information. When this happens I notice a shrinking energy and hear my inner child getting freaked out! The fallout of this tantrum leaves a frozen fog in my brain, a weak feeling in my solar plexus and a jumble of loud but inarticulate warnings.

The Memory of Love, Part 2

The desire to fall in love again is dead. Or have I lost my mind completely? If not, then how do I get a handle on such a suicidal ideation? It’s better to rot in hell than fall in love again. It’s hard to keep on going this way; with no hope of an absolution even. Memories keep on replaying endlessly in my mind. How many times of some “Therapy” would get me out of this morose situation? Thank you God for not answering!

The Memory of Love, Part 1

This is how I made it count: I finished my harrowing scheduled shift at 3 o’clock and headed straight home to give myself some shringaar. I knew the day will come when I would meet her. I had bought an assortment of personal care products. First on my list was Denim perfume (my favourite, but they don’t make that perfume anymore) and I reckoned that it’s perfectly okay to indulge a little now that I’m going on a date – an important event of my life no less.

How Does Being in “Love” Affect You?

A person privately messaged me and asked if I believed in “true love”. After I responded to them, I felt that they may be more people out there who would like to hear how a hypnotist feels about “true love”. We supply the word love with meaning.

Slow Down – The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Romantic love is not as simple as people think but at the same time,not so difficult.Though there is no clear cut way to find ‘true love’,there are steps that can be taken that can create a loving and lasting bond.

I Can’t Love You If I Am Sober

There has been a significant rise in the number of couples who have never experienced sober sex. In other words they can’t enjoy normal intimacy without some form of substance abuse. The question is why is it happening?

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