How to Feel Secure in Your Relationship | Relationship Theory

All Girls Are the King’s Princesses

Recently I went to a very special graduation ceremony where two young women celebrated the rites of passage, from a discipleship program through recovery into a world emergent with possibilities. From an experience of darkness, these young women, through the Esther Foundation, have been groomed for leadership – through practicing leadership.

How To Create A Healthy, Loving Relationship

The main thing that forces people to keep working on their relationship is love, which encourages them to keep fighting things. Some people just need to be with a spouse for the companionship, it is almost like an obsession. They have an intrinsic desire to be with another person and human company and they are perhaps afraid of the consequences of not being in a relationship- loneliness, sadness, rejection and possibly financial trouble.

Can Love Quotes Spice Up Your Love Life?

Love is one of the strongest emotions that bind one human being to another. When people fall in love, the happiness of being so close to someone reflects on their faces. Even the toughest of hearts are known to be responsive towards the three magical words that represent the emotion of love.

Woman and the Word Lustre

Whichever way or method one chooses to spell the word lustre or luster, the effect on a woman remains unchallenged or unaltered, it is practically certifiable that this shining noun and verb was originally penned and created by a woman. The attraction that woman have for any article, deed or item that has lustre is almost guaranteed and lustre is integral to their happiness and survival, are there varying degrees of lustre? Examining the effect of items classified as having lustre one can safely conclude that the affirmative answer would be, most definitely, yes,…

Why Valuing Diversity Is the Key to Your Happiness

Love others and we, too, are loved. When we are loved we are happy, because we have been accepted and not rejected. When no threat exists against us we are set to fly on the wings of love.

Various Types of Love Spell

Love spells are very effective ways of attracting someone you love. There are many kinds love spells that are powerful and efficient in bring the desired result.

Searching for the Perfect Quality of Love

Most of us crave to find that right relationship that seems to have a spark of magic in it, which will make life in this world pleasant and enjoyable. However, many people don’t seem to distinguish that the quality of an environment plays a major role in the quality of love. Love is an emotion that is based upon several things, such as self-sacrifice and self-denial so that the concerns of another can be elevated above the desires of self.

When You Find Yourself Starting Again in Love

You find yourself having to start over again. You remember that you don’t want to get hurt again. I have good news for you! You don’t have to get burned. There are important things to keep in mind though when you are entering into a new relationship. It can help you know what to watch out for when that new potential relationship comes along.

The Best Form Of Love

What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it butterflies in your body?

Love – Par Excellence, Safe, Dependable Vulnerability

Love is the agent of healing. She steps aside and inside situations and paves many mysterious yet transforming ways. Let love come in and spread her extravagance – an extravagant grace we all need so intrinsically.

The Give and Take of Relationships

Like any relationship ‘the give and take’ is very important. It’s a balance that is very important to maintain. A balance between giving and receiving. And while you may be thinking, ‘this sounds like something I’ll need later in the relationship phase,’ HOLD ON. It is just as important at this stage (dating), and the sooner you learn it and implement it, the better things will be later on.

Buckets of Love

Let’s share some thoughts based on First Corinthians Chapter 13. Take a look at the love we need to live the life we want.

What To Do When Your Partner Cheats On You

Not everyone is so lucky. And I do say lucky because it’s not every day you’re with someone who will tell you something even though they know it might kill you inside. Not everyone has that integrity level. Thankfully, my partner did.

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