How to HEAL Your Partner’s Emotional WOUNDS and Grow Closer | Relationship Theory

Everything Is Clearer When You Are in Love

Yes, there are people who consider them as enemies, but they don’t pay attention to those people. What they do is spend most of their time around people and things that they love. When everything’s said and done, loving and being loved, is the key to an existence that’s filled with bliss, peace, and success.

A Letter From Our Children

I met an eight year old girl on the beach early one morning. As I approached her, the girl asked me what I was looking for. I told her sharks’ teeth and showed her my small handful. She showed me her handful and she offered them to me. My encounter reminded me how innocent, curious, and generous children can be. As adults, we often become obsessed by our search to improve our collection of things and become preoccupied with fear that someone will take them from us. In the process we move faster each day and forget the joy of standing on a beach or anywhere else in nature for that matter.

The “Search” & Me

And she told me, ‘Stop searching. When it happens, you’ll get all and more than you hoped for.’ Of course I could either believe her…

15 Remarkable Qualities That Mean She May Be Mrs. Right

What makes the perfect woman? Is she a Martha Stewart replica ironing your shirts flawlessly while blueberry flax seed muffins are baking in the oven? Perhaps she’s a supermodel with a picture-perfect body. Well the truth is, neither of these are true. Most guys are just looking for their perfect match.

A Confessional Letter to the Love of My Life

Love comes in all forms and you just have to be ready to receive it. True love wins on everything and everyone. Keep the love and faith alive.

You Are A Person, and Some Things You Should Know

Enjoy being you. You only have one life. Living it as it is, not forever putting off life for the dream of ‘something better’, is the abundant life Jesus came to give us – a life that is home to our truth. All of it.

Free Your Inner Biker Chick And Get The Man You Want!

When you’re Active And Doing Something You Love You’re Probably In Your Boy Energy. You can play in both boy energy and girl energy!

To MY Dear Wife – Before the Sun Sets and the Rose Withers

This is about love and appreciation for your partner in all the ways and all the years you have been together. It shows the need for appreciating each other as a means of encouragement, boosting companionship and togetherness in a relationship. Apprecaition is a true essence of love

3 True Components In A Random Act of Kindness

A perfect random act of kindness is done now, for no reason, for no credit. Each of these three components removes three barriers as we take our humanness out of the equation of love. This understands that love comes from God in us, and not inherently from us within ourselves.

Love Is Also a Four Letter Word

We have come a long way since 1960 when the dead hand of the censor was lifted off the classic novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. As a youngster, I must have got hold of a contraband copy and my youthful fingers trembled as I turned the novel’s pages. I am not surprised that author; D.H. Lawrence first considered calling his novel Tenderness. The love making between Lady Chatterley and her gamekeeper lover Oliver Mellors was in fact sensitively portrayed. The language used was matter of fact without intending to shock. The censors were right to lift the ban. Here was a golden opportunity in literature to treat the act of making love as the most pure and noble of human experiences. Instead, the floodgates opened to reduce this most precious of gifts, that of procreation, to the depths of degeneracy. Pornography has turned love-making into a display of semi-violent crude sex. It is now as far removed from romantic love as it is possible to be. The scenes portrayed are often perverted, depraved and in graphic form similar to biblical visions of hell. Few of us can relate such activity to our own lives.

What Love Does and Does Not Do

Love does not keep a record of wrongs. This sounds all good and well, but what does that actually mean? It means that you forgive. Follow these steps (ACRES) to forgiveness and your relationship will be better for it… This is not just for your marriage, but also for any relationship you have.

Best Relationship Advice

Read on to find the key principles you should adhere to and that form the cornerstones of the unwritten dating and relationship bible: 1. Have self value – This is the key point because it’s critical to your success with people. If you take on board nothing else in this article – make a mental note of this point!

The Truth of Love As Conqueror of Fear and Violence

THE problem with the world is there’s too much violence. The truth is one incident or event of violence is one too many. Violation. Vilification. Vehemence. All these words summon up something that alludes to sin. Sin is a violation of God, something good, or of another. How do we sin? We sin by violating.

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