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Does Unconditional Love Exist?

I have often wondered if unconditional love really exists. After a couple of relationships, I’ve analyzed my behavior, and have finally found out what I think that unconditional love is.

Relationships Beyond the “New Relationship” High

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about relationships. He was sharing about how relationships are so challenging and such work. I understood his perspective. I began to explain how with many of us after the excitement of a new relationship starts to fade, the really juicy shadowy pieces come up. Our little girl and little boy, all the conditioned patterns from upbringing and family start to surface. I completely understand. When I am present with myself, I can clearly see when my little girl wants things a certain way.

Yes, I Know What I Want in a Man!

When I was young and single, I was eager to find the perfect man to make my life complete. An older, wiser friend of mine, took me under her wing at a time when all my relationships were ending in disaster. She taught me the best way, a life altering way, to attract the kind of man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. While I never would have used her method on my own, today I know her advice was priceless! My story shares just how I found my ‘happily ever after’…

When You Want It, But He Doesn’t

When you want more “sex” than he wants, it does not merely reflect your issues in the bedroom or your sex-life. Issues about not having the sex or intimacy you want start outside the bedroom and go back to thinking we can’t get what we want in our love life.

How Your Love Life Will Drive Your Professional Life Forward

But sometimes, these combinations of dry air and liquid water drops called clouds come by and block the sun’s visibility to you. When the clouds appear, you miss out on that glorious feeling of vitamin D which comes onto your skin and into your body, restoring and repairing every cell you have in the process. It doesn’t matter if it is spring, winter, summer or fall; whether you’re lying on the beach, or having a quick bite between meetings on a sunny afternoon; the sun really, is always there, giving everything it has to give to you.

What Makes You Vulnerable to a Narcissistic Partner

Have you or anyone close to you been involved with someone who has Narcissistic Character traits? Have you ever wondered what makes someone more vulnerable to attract such a partner? How would you prevent from getting involved with another Narcissist? This article will discuss how someone becomes vulnerable to a Narcissistic Partner.

What My Netflix Addiction Has Taught Me About Love

Here’s what I learned about love as I watched Season One of Peaky Blinders on Netflix. It’s amazing what a good drama on love, morality, and decisions can teach you!

Real Love?

Real Love Feels Warm. Real Love is Inviting. Real Love is Comfortable. Real Love is Safe.

When Fear Meets Love

When fear pricks the heart it flies in the face of every message about love we absorb from the culture: that love should provide a safe haven against the storms of life; that love should be easy; that love and fear are mutually exclusive, and that if fear enters the picture it means something is wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Give a Piece of Your Heart

Our senses are direct lines to our memories. Certain smells can put you right back in your grandma’s kitchen, or singing around the campfire. Then you are bombarded with the feelings you experienced there. Songs can take you back to a time with someone special, or a place with great memories. You can travel there in your mind with the music, can’t you? All the memories may not be happy, but they are part of who you are today. Be grateful for them.

Our Memory Is Eternal: Part II of II

When we arrived, we parked in front of the garage. And then we enter at the church. The Church, an imposing edifice, was absolutely beautiful, and the marvel of architecture, craftsmanship, and construction of this English Tudor Gothic style (or Perpendicular Gothic) was magnificent – reminiscent of castle-type construction from the Middle Ages.

Our Memory Is Eternal: Part I of II

Gloria was fifteen-years-old by the time that she left. I was her first love. She was my first also. We fell in love since we were thirteen. I remember that we used to pretend that we were sick to not go to school so that when our parents went to work, we could spend time together.

The Coolest Things To Ask A Guy You Love

There is some thing to ask a sweet guy or girl you love and there is some questions people ask each other. Some of the questions that people ask end up breaking their relationships or marriages. It is the significant to cautiously the questions you ask your partner because it is more sensitive than you know.

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