How to Keep the Sexual Spark Alive While Apart | Relationship Theory

The Silent Language Of Love

I’ve learnt to speak a new language. It doesn’t require many words and can be spoken by almost anyone. My young daughter is quite an expert at it.

New Love Rush

This is a look into new relationships and why they fizzle. It covers new relationships that end after the honeymoon period.

Falling Out Of Love – How To Rekindle That Flame

Being sensitive to the needs of your partner is extremely important in a relationship. Putting them high on your list of priorities is imperative to having a successful relationship, because after all, they are that “special someone” in your life. So if your partner has left you for someone else, it’s important to understand why. Did this person simply pay more attention to her and flatter her with compliments?

Intimate Games

When we meet someone we are interested in being with, we are not certain if they want us as well. We can only assume that they do by paying attention to their actions and listening to what they have to tell us. But, what do we do when our partner say one thing and does another. Along with trusting your intuition, you must be aware of the ways people deceive others when they are unable to ask for or feel they deserve what they want from you.

Love Versus Infatuation

Are you sure you are in love? Infatuation and love seem too close to each other that it would be difficult for some people to see the difference between the two. Of course, this article serves to illustrate the key differences between the two.

How to Deal With an Overly Suspicious Partner?

People fall in love telling all the mushy stuff which eventually leads to a domineering attitude that comes through jealousy. A little possessiveness is actually a good thing because it makes you feel loved and wanted. In fact, if your partner doesn’t show the slightest bit of jealousy when you ogle at opposite sex, something isn’t right.

Why Incredibly Competent Women Fall Apart In Relationships

Are you horrified at how quickly your solid foundation can get rocked when you enter into a romantic relationship? It’s Not Your Fault! As a coach, I’ve worked with so many self-assured women over the years who are generally successes in life, but who just fall apart when it comes to dating. It’s frustrating how this one aspect of their life has eluded them. What they don’t realize is that it’s not their fault – it’s their programming.

Has Romance Fiction Been Killed Off By 50 Shades Of Erotica?

This article looks at the growing popularity of erotic fiction and explores the question of whether or not it has over the romance fiction genre. According to the media, women around the world have come out of the closet and now are openly devouring erotica books, thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey series.

The Love, Joy and Peace Combo

I awoke one recent morning so depressed I literally had to fall into the arms of God – I had no other choice. (But, what a choice!) I went straight away to a quiet place and prayed. Two minutes of dread was addressed in the very moment of seeking the Lord. But then God asked me something; I was asked to simply love, and to delight in simply that – ego free.

Get Your Love With the Help of Vashikaran

Have you turned off all your hopes for the Right Person to come in your life? Are you fed up by waiting for the special someone to come? If the answer to the above mentioned questions is yes, then you need not to worry anymore, here we come with the solution to all the never ending problems.

Every Man

Every Man needs a woman that will bring the best out of him, and make him do the unusual. Just like the cases of these men… to mention a few.

Is The Green-Eyed Monster Devouring Your Relationship?

What is jealousy and what can it do to a relationship? Writer Curt Goetz said, “the jealous know nothing, suspect much, and fear everything.” Columnist Elizabeth Gilmer said, “the jealous bring down the curse they fear upon their own heads.

Wisdom for an Intimate Relationship

Love is a mystery and yet a necessity. The human heart needs it to survive and to thrive. The author presents, in lyrical fashion, some practical direction and guidance for the growth and enhancement of an intimate relationship.

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