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The Love Language – How to Show Him You Love Him

Were you aware that there is something called the love language? Did you know that there are actually 5 love languages? Would you like to know what they are and how to use them to show your guy how you really feet about him? Here are the 5 languages that tell the story of love.

Forgiving Ourselves for Forgettable Memories

Forgiveness in Christian circles finds itself based, mostly, in the forgiveness of others; we often forget that God has forgiven us, and therefore we ought to forgive ourselves. Indeed, forgiving ourselves might be a forgotten art – the grace of God given freely, yet somehow not retrieved.

3 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love With You

Women, even those fiercely independent ones, need men who are stronger than they are at certain low points in their life. Finding a soulmate requires displays of affection, whether done overtly or covertly. A man who does not feel diminished by a display of emotion conveys a message that he is into the relationship as much as she is into it.

What Evolutionary Psychology Can Tell Us About the Psychology of Love

This article examines the relationship between evolutionary psychology and the psychology of love. It firstly looks at what evolutionary psychology is, then discusses what clues this gives us about the psychology of love.

How to Keep Your Romance Burning Bright

With the U.S. divorce rate logging in at about 50% these days, married couples are often wondering how they can keep the flame alive in their marriage. It’s a good thing to think about. No one really wants the flame to die out. It simply happens gradually over a long period of time.

Things You Can Do To Retrieve Your Partnership

Matters of the heart often need help. In spite of whether we are woman or man, we are still all humans and each of us has our own emotions. Of course the way in which we react to things and the way we feel is different from one person to another. If you have split up, tips to get my partnership back can be helpful in many ways.

Five Things to Help Someone Who Is Hurting

How do you help someone who is hurting? How do you encourage or help them? Here are five suggestions to being the process of helping someone who is hurting.

Love Behind the Love Quotes

Love quotes are surely all over the internet. However, what is really the meaning of love behind those love quotes? This article aims to answer just that question.

Winning Your Ex-Girlfriend: How to Get Your Girl Back

Being dumped creates an incredible feeling of rejection inside of you. This feeling of rejection can have a profound effect upon your emotions, regardless of how solid your relationship in the first place. Even if you were about to break up with your partner, having them do it to you does cause havoc in your head. This havoc will probably lead you to want to get back together with them at all costs. In order to do this you need to take certain actions. Here are some hints, therefore, on how to get a girl back after a break up.

Are You Turning Up For Love In Life Today?

There are three simple and yet powerful keys to Personal Mastery I share will clients. But most people eventually learn them the hard way… by experience. Turning up for love requires some attention to three core ingredients of Personal Mastery… Balance, Centred, Calm… because nobody can do to you more than you do to yourself… including being present.

Discover the Number 1 Contributing Factor to Struggling Relationship and How to Fix It!

Remember the good old days when you and your partner used to laugh and play together? Do those days seem gone now? Perhaps you and your partner are hitting a rough patch in your relationship. When the possibility of losing someone we care about arises, it can be absolutely frightening. What can you do to help improve your relationship and prevent it from getting worse? If you want relationship advice that can give you a shot of a satisfying and thriving relationship with your partner (like the good old days), then keep reading.

Making Him Love You More and More – The Tips to Keep Your Man Forever

Is making him love you more than ever something you are trying to achieve? Could you do with some tips and ideas to take the next step in your relationship? Do you desire a fuller, more profound bond with your significant other? While it’s not possible to make someone be in love with you, it is possible to demonstrate your love in a particular manner and then have love come to you. Love works both ways! Here are some practised procedures for heightening the level of love in your relationship.

How To Cope With Unrequited Love

Now, there’s this kind of love that just can’t help but leave people broken. Some people even commit suicide when they experience the bittersweet blow of unrequited love. Unrequited love is one of the frequently used themes of love song lyrics.

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