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How Does a Teenager Spell Love?

The word Love has been over used. And over the years due to culture and trends it has become a by word, So sad yet so real, So how do we spell love? I believe the answer lies in our next question. HOW DOES TEENAGERS SPELL LOVE.

6 Pieces Of Love Advice No One Can Live Without

Love advice is what most of us need yet no one teaches it. Read on to find out some of the best love advice you will ever…

How To Get Your Ex Back After A Bad Breakup – Get Your Ex Back Even If You Are The Only One Trying

When in a romantic relationship, you can find pure happiness which you hope would never end. Everything around you often seems flawless at this time. However, due to some misunderstanding, you can have some minor tiffs that can eventually make you drift away from the relationship.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 3 Tips That Are Guaranteed To Get Him Back In Your Arms

So, you and the man that you desperately want to be with have split up for one reason or another? The great news is that the following 3 steps to get your ex boyfriend back are guaranteed to work in your favor and will make him yours once more.

Numerology Love Compatibility

What Is Numerology Love? As with many fields of divination, Numerology is useful in ascertaining a wide range of information and truths regarding a great number of things. “Numerology Love” is as apt a term as any to describe the manner by which one might determine a couple’s romantic compatibility with one another using numerical divination. Numerology love compatibility relies on the given numerical attributes of the individuals in question; these attributes are discerned through dates of birth. Corresponding emotional characteristics are derived from the numeric value of the individual’s date of birth.

When a Single Red Rose May Be Better Than a Dozen

ROSE ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, SUGAR IS SWEET BUT NOT AS SWEET AS YOU’. These are some of the expressions of the color and texture of our love for our partners but if you take a closer look at the color of a ROSE, you will understand the different meaning of each color. Here are some of the ideas that ties expression and emotion behind a simple ROSE:

Worried You’re Pushing Him Away? Learn What Not to Do!

Are you falling for him but he’s pulling away? Learn what mistakes you could be making and how to correct them from this article.

How Do You Know If He’s In Love?

Are you trying to figure out whether the guy you’re seeing is as interested in you as you are in him? Does he act like he loves you, but he never says it? Learn to read his signs!

Growing Apart – Are We Lovers or Roommates?

Have you ever been involved with someone where it felt like you were going in different directions, where it seems like the spark the relationship used to have has fizzled out? Does it feel like you no longer connect with your partner and you feel more like roommates instead of lovers?

Love – Power-Absorbing and Power-Defeating

I’ve had family dynamics where certain members have gone out of their way to create a power imbalance and I’ve sat and watched the other family member, who is usually weaker, squirm. We either usurp power or we already have it. Either way it’s wrong to exert power over others, yet it will continue to happen because we live in a sinful and broken world.

Getting Past Your Break Up

If your break up is still eating at you, read this article for three tips to get over him fast. It will work!

How to Meet and Attract the Right Person for You

A key component of living a happy and fulfilled life is sharing your life with someone. The starting point is meeting the person who is right for you. How to meet and attract the person who is right for you has been presented in a practical and simplified form where anyone can do it starting now. 

Why You Should Learn To Give Up On A Failed Relationship

A short article on why you should learn to give up on a failed relationship. A relationship without love and understanding is pointless. It is like a car that has no oil; without it, the car will never go anywhere.

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