How to Know Whether it’s Time to Move In or Move On | Relationship Theory

Tips to Make a Relationship Last

An English poet named John Donne once said “no man is an island” which means that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. True enough, we need to have a companion, to love and be loved until we get old. Relationships such as that of friends, lovers, or families will only be meaningful if the parties involved will continue to value the bond among them.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: How to Move on After a Failed Relationship

Face it, at some point we have all been heartbroken (After being dumped by an older suitor, I cried so hard I thought I was literally dying of a broken heart). Whether your high school sweetheart bid you farewell your senior year of high school, or your spouse decided to call it quits after twenty years of marriage, once that midnight train to Georgia has pulled out of the station, the relationship is officially over. While that may be difficult to hear, a severed relationship (of any capacity) is a harsh reality that must be accepted…

How to Know When He’s No Longer Interested In You

Is your relationship in trouble? Are you worried your partner is losing interest? This article could help you figure out what’s going on in his head.

My Heart Is Closed

We all suffer from a heart that is closed, either a little or a lot, and we spend our life trying to avoid being aware of this, but it is always there in the back of our mind. This article will take the article; “How To Find What You Really Are” a little further.

What to Say to Melt His Heart

Don’t know what to say to your man? Here are three things you can say to any guy that will have him googly-eyed over you.

How To Build a Deeper Connection That Will Have Him Falling For You

Talking to guys can be difficult, but trying to establish a real connection with a man you’re interested in can seem impossible. Read this article for a sure-fire method of strengthening the bond between you and your man.

Do I Have a Soulmate? 7 Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love (Fast, Fun and 100% FREE!)

Can you be in love with someone and still NOT be happy? What can we do to help and heal ourselves… while keeping our relationship intact?

6 Loving Gestures to Make Her Feel Special – Every Day

Most of us men are clueless to what a women wants. What makes them feel special and loved? With a little help, a few tips and advice from others we can change that. I write about my experiences, relationships and advice I received in my own life that made an impact. Maybe they’ll help you too.

Self-Love Heals Difficult Love Relationships

When you are dealing with difficult people, it’s hard to love them. However, that’s the very thing that can help you overcome the challenge.

Numerology Compatibility And Your Love Life

Numerology is characterized by associating a Life Path number of one through nine to an individual, dependent on their birth date. Each Life Path number is attributed to a certain group of individuals so that every group has their own unique characteristics, lifestyle habits, motivations and relationship matches.

Coping Right After A Breakup

How to cope after a break up with your loved one. So that you can get in a better state of mind to get your ex back if you want to.

Love Relationships: How Our Expectations Can Destroy Our Happiness

Relationships can be both painful and fulfilling. We all want to be loved, nurtured and cared for. The most rewarding feeling is the connection we make when we bond deeply with the love of our life. The longer we are in a relationship, we discover more differences surface and the connection we once experienced fluctuates.

Handling Love With Care

If the designation “Handle with Care” elicits immediate attention to safeguard inanimate objects that we value, surely we should apply this directive to how we handle people and the relationships we have with them. Remember, the inanimate objects to which we tend to assign astronomical value have no heart, soul, or emotions.

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