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The Soulmate Secret

Many people look to law of attraction for “the soulmate secret.” Click here to read more about this topic.

The Powers of Acceptance and Rejection and Loving Better

One recent morning I woke up, and, having not slept well previous nights, I found myself having dreamt vividly. I dreamt that I had accepted minor parties I’m in relationship with over the more major parties I truly care about. Sometimes, in trying to achieve a balance, especially in competing relationships, we overstep our focus on one party more than the other. I think this was the case for me, not that I wanted to take any ‘side’. The party receiving less attention could have been expected to feel a little rejected. Having had my dream, I enquired of God, what could this mean?

We Grow The Most Through Our Love Relationships

When my marriage was heading in a bad direction, I’ll never forget something my counselor said to me. “We grow the most within the context of our existing relationship”, she said. That statement alone probably stood out more than any other

Grandparents – The Ever-Protecting Hand of God

No matter how much you try, you can’t hold on to your grandparents forever. One day, the cruel hands of time will snatch them away from you forever. So, while they are with you, learn to love and respect them. Remember, time once gone is gone forever. While you can’t get them back, keep the treasured memories in your heart… for the rest of your life!

How to Experience a New Reality By Opening Your Heart

Most humans think with their ego, which means they are operating from a place of fear, sexual desire, or power choices. Opening your heart is a reference to literally opening your physical heart to the frequency of genuine love. You experience a whole new reality.

Is It Love, Sympathy or Empathy?

You cannot misquote love for sympathy and sympathy for love. If you want, a true relationship then you must understand the need of dealing and handling sympathy and empathy from your partner, confidants, friends, family, and peer via circles and go in for love.

RESPECT: The Key to a Successful Relationship

Do you ever wonder why most relationships don’t last? It is because both parties don’t respect each other. As a relationship goes deeper, we slowly realize that our partner is not perfect for us – that he or she is not what we expected. Differences in personality, approach to life, and tastes eventually appear in the middle stages of a relationship. The result is the break-up or divorce.

The Power of Mental Illness and the Power of Love

Recently I read Sam Harris’s Book, The Moral Landscape. I especially remember his writing about moral dilemmas and how we approach them. While I continued to digest his words, I attended a talk by David Kaczynski about his struggle to deal with the implications of his brother Ted being identified as the Unabomber.

Find Your Perfect Match

Would you like to find your perfect match? Then, checkout this article on the law of attraction and finding your perfect match.

True Love Is Hard to Find

Some people say, “True love is hard to find”. However, this is rarely the case: love is all around us. Checkout this article to learn how to draw true love to you using the law of attraction.

Are We Right For Each Other? The Spiritual Love Secret Every Woman Must Learn to Be Truly Happy

Q: What is the easiest way to test love compatibility? We seem to get along really, really well… but I’m never quite sure if he’s truly the “one”? If I really invest time and emotional energy in this relationship… is there any way to know if it’s going to last?

Relationships and the Law of Attraction, Part Two

When others around you become angry with you whether that is through words or actions, know that the problem doesn’t lie with you but wholly with them. If you don’t take their behaviour personally, understanding that it is their personal difficulty, and don’t get angry back at them, after some time they will stop blaming you and leave you out of it. We as humans often think it is important what others think of us, do they like us? Are we good enough?

Why We Love Hurtful People – Warning Signs Of A Dysfunctional Match

How do you spot a match who’ll make you miserable? Get warning signs of dysfunctional personality traits in a date or mate. Learn how to improve interactions with a difficult partner.

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