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One Sided Love

It happens to all of us at one time or the other: we fall in love with someone who does not love us back the same way as we love them. One-sided love is one of the most painful experiences to go through. The pain is especially great when it is first love.

You Couldn’t Really Have a Heart and Hurt Me Like You Hurt Me

Love… it empowers us to soar with the eagles or to crash like a rock thrown from a cliff into the water. Everyone is searching, searching for this powerful emotion in their lives; it completes us. Why do we hurt so badly when someone we love disappoints us so, when they are untrue or simply can’t love us back? We are born understanding love; it is the foundation of human emotions and sets us apart from all other species. We can love like no other, and our expectations from the person we share this emotion with are high!

My Grandmother’s Food

Living abroad has brought me many joys, but also some regrets. When I left my country at 19 years old little did I know how an everyday moment will transform into unforgettable memories. One of the most beautiful I have is nothing else than my grandmother’s food.

The Need of Love In Order to See Truth

When we don’t see we need someone who has seen to show us that what we don’t see can be seen and, indeed, will be seen. In that is trust, faith, and hope.

The Gift of Receiving Love

Receiving tangible gifts from others with grace is a gift in its own right. It requires humility to stand in our vulnerability and sincerely offer the gift of thanks.

Adopting Jesus’ Easy, Unbeatable Way for Forgiveness

EASTER reminds us of many aspects of God’s saving grace manifest in the cross of Christ, and of Christ’s divinity to defeat death. It also reminds us of a very basic yet thoroughly cogent concept: forgiveness – which is not about what the other person does or has done.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 7 Verse 12 (Article 2 of 2)

OVERALL themes are something we all want to understand as we read any biblical text. And as we consider the entire Sermon on the Mount as the Matthean synoptist has written it for us, we can easily come to this actual verse above, in unison with Matthew 5:17, and land on two facts…

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 7 Verse 12

Jesus sums up the gospel way of living in just a few words. He began by specifying the extraordinary standards of the Kingdom in chapter 5 – not the abolishment of the Law and the Prophetic Writings, but their veritable fulfilment – through him. Jesus comes not to overturn what the chief priests and Pharisees had ardently insisted upon. He comes to insist not only the Law and the Prophetic Writings – the Old Testament truth – be upheld, but that the heart behind the Law and the Prophetic Writings be the underpinning basis of obedience to the Law and Prophetic Writings-the want to obey the Law and the Prophetic Writings. The chief priests and Pharisees were masters of obeying for obedience’s sake, but they completely misread God’s mood regarding why the Law and the Prophetic Writings were to be honoured.

The Truth About True Love

Popular Irish fiction features a clever leprechaun who hides his pot of gold on the other side of a rainbow so it’s difficult for people to find. Since a rainbow is just an optical illusion that is formed by a ray of light passing through droplets of water, every individual who sees the rainbow miscalculates its exact location and their own distance from it. As one walks towards it, the rainbow seems to be moving further away, until it simply disappears. It often seems as though true love is hidden somewhere behind a rainbow as well.

Enduring the Unrelenting, Lonely Ache of Singleness

A TIME, not so long ago, I was single and detesting it. At the very same time, though I didn’t know it, my wife was also in anguish about her singleness. Neither of us were cut out with the ‘gift’ of celibacy. Not that many are. Until we found each other there were a great many lonely times. We each even had the same Baptist Ministries coach, who may well have thought, “These two should get together!” Well, we did.

Do You Minister to the Poor and Needy, Widows and the Fatherless, and the Blind and the Lame?

Do you love and care for “the least” in your community? How should you provide love and care for them?

What Is True Love and How Do You Obtain and Express It?

What is love? Is it a fluttering of the heart? A giddy feeling? A mind intoxicated by someone’s charm?

Imitating the Divine Forgiveness

GOD’S perfect will is that we strive to match him in the rightness of his Word and Deed by the rightness of our word and deed. One example of this imitation is the act of forgiveness.

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