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Inner Man and Woman – Love and Freedom

What are the inner man and woman? How do our inner man and woman represent themselves on the outside as relationships? Outer relationships with a woman or a man are a mirror of the relationship and communication between our own inner male and female sides. Outer relationships with a man or a woman are a possibility to understand our own inner man or woman.

5 Ways on How to Keep a Guy Happy

If you want a man to stay in your life, you have to know what keeps him happy. There is a ton of information written about this topic and it may get confusing because some of them say that you have to treat a man like a king while others advice women to be strong-willed and make the man feel that they are the boss. It’s actually pretty straightforward, respect your man without being a doormat.

How to Tell If He’s TRULY The “One” (The “Invisible” Force That Never Lies)

Who else is in a relationship, and is confused about what it means? Is it the real deal? Have I met my soulmate? Or am I just spinning my wheels and wasting my time on yet another relationship that’s NOT going to work out? The truth is, while there are millions of women (and many men as well!) asking this exact question every day of every week of EVERY year… the answer is surprisingly simple to spot for most.

You Will Never Love Again, Really?

After a few weeks into what seems like a promising relationship, everything grinds to a painful halt. A concerned friend speaks with the girl to find out what exactly is happening. She replies: ‘Theo hurt me. Now I can never love again.’ When I hear about it what comes to my head is one word: ‘really?’

Love – The Universal Language

During a recent conversation with a dear friend, the topic ‘love’ came up. She mentioned agape, eros, phila and storge as the different types of love, and went further to try to explain them. Truly, I was completely lost! I sincerely did not understand these concepts and so I tried in vain to refute the whole idea.

Relationship Advice for Couples – How to Build Love in Relationship

Do you know that building love in relationship can be very difficult? This is because you both have to take some certain decisions that could be hard to take but it can be exciting at the long run. Wait a minute; do you know what I mean by my statement?

Relationships – The Balance Between Love and Freedom

Love is not an exclusive relationship with another person; love is a quality and depth of being. Our outer relationships are a mirror of our basic inner relationship with ourselves. Relationships are a balance, a development and a dance between our male and female qualities.

How to Get Him to Say I Love You

Fortunately, there are some easy ways on how to get him to say I love you without making it appear that you are a commitment-hungry chick. If your man has given you all sorts of clues that he indeed loves you, the easiest way on how you can make him utter I love you is by showing him that you feel the same way for him. Men just don’t blurt out the words without being certain that you are going to say it back.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Commit To Marriage

You feel you have found the right guy for you, and he has been your boyfriend for years. You both love each other, but it seems he is reluctant in asking you for marriage. Now you are probably asking yourself, how to get your boyfriend to propose?

How to Get Him to Fall In Love With You – Learn How to Win a Man’s Heart

You like this guy and you are so smitten with him but the problem is you are completely clueless how to get him fall in love with you. Women tend to overthink it when in reality men are not that complicated. We really don’t know if men have that certain A-ha moment when they realize that they love someone but one thing is for sure; men have specific needs that have to be met before they will let you in. Once a guy reaches that point where he realizes you are what he’s looking for in all level, that’s the time he’ll commit. So… what makes a man fall in love?

How to Accept Good Love Advice and Ignore the Bad

We all have received advice from different sources when it comes to love. While everyone has the best intentions, how do you choose the best advice to follow? Read on.

How To Get Your Man To Commit To An Exclusive Relationship

So you and this guy have been dating for quite some time, but he seems not very inclined to be exclusive. You’re probably asking yourself how to make your guy commit.

How to Get a Man and Keep Him for Good

There are no guarantees in life even with love. We fall in love with somebody and we hope for the best. Is that good enough? I don’t think so! My philosophy in life has always been “Do not give up without giving a good fight” and this goes the same when it comes to relationships. If you want to know how to get a man and keep him for good, you have to make the conscious effort to keep things interesting. I know there comes a point in a relationship where you are both secure about your feelings that you unknowingly take each other for granted. This shouldn’t be the case. Every day gives you a chance to show that other person how much they mean to you so take advantage of it. Here are some helpful tips to make your man in love with you forever:

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