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3 Creative Romantic Gifts Ideas for Him

Are you looking for fun creative romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend? Maybe it is his birthday coming up, or maybe we are near Christmas or the Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it is one of those “just because” types of gifts to surprise him and show how much you love him. Find out more…

Signs He Is Afraid To Fall For You

Do you suspect that he may love you? 5 subtle signals that he gives out when he likes you but is afraid to fall in love with you.

Love Relationships, Marriage, Partnerships: The Three Essential Stages or How to Be Happy Together

In primary love relationships – marriage and partnerships – there are three possible stages. These stages are progressive and sequential; you must pass through one to get to the other. Although most of us are stuck in the first stage, to achieve your full life potential you should try to experience all three for the deepening degrees of happiness and fulfillment they offer.

Top 3 Heart Tattoo Design Ideas

You may have noticed the heart tattoo design ideas are becoming more and more popular these days among young men and women. When you can choose any sign or symbol to stay on your body and so on your memory forever, what can be sweeter to have than a heart pattern for a loved one?

Love Horoscope – In Love and Pursuit of Loved Ones

The love-at-first-sight formula is all encompassing for every one of us. Love teaches us the simple virtue of being together, no matter what.

How to Have Intimacy in Relationships and Also Be Congruent With Yourself

People usually think in order to be in relationship and have the intimacy they want, they have to compromise or give up parts of themselves. What is often at the bottom of this dilemma are relationships based on roles, such as a traditional marriage.

How to Make Her Feel Special – Everyday

Men and women will always be different. We talk the same language, but don’t understand each other. Do we have to “get” them to make them feel heard and appreciated? I don’t think we do. Walk with me through this article for ideas and suggestions I’ve picked up from other men and women on how to keep or increase that intimacy and communication alive.

The Art of Give and Take

In functional relationships, we cannot be so generous as to only give. And we cannot be so selfish as only to take. We need to do both. We need to allow others the same privilege. And we need to know when and how to do them both well.

How To Tell Your Ex Wants You Back! Definite Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Or Ex Boyfriend Isn’t Over You

Want to know if your ex wants you back… why? Doesn’t ex mean in the past, its over, we are finished, I don’t love you anymore, or bye I’m moving on. When a relationship has run its course you have to learn to let go, but saying that if there’s a glimmer of hope it can work and it’s what you both want go for it.

How To Get Someone To Fall For You: Be Available

Is it possible to learn how to get someone to fall for you? Absolutely. I’m not talking about being deceptive or manipulative. I’m talking about making yourself emotionally and physically available to your man. I’m talking about taking your relationship to the next level and possibly getting him to realize that he simply cannot live without you. It’s easy once you learn the secrets.

The Card Said, ‘Will You Marry Me?’

Last year a soldier was going to Afghanistan for ten months. He knew that he would miss his girlfriend, that he wouldn’t get the chance to speak to her, or tell her that he loved her every day. He would miss their weekends together and their weekly date nights… and he knew that his girlfriend would miss him too. The thing was, he also knew that communication would be limited, and that sometimes there would be no contact for weeks at a time.

Benefits Of Healthy Love Relationships

Some people say that love is the answer to everything. In hate, sickness or happiness, love keeps you in sync with your true self. However, were you aware of the fact that love also casts positive energy over your health?

Are You Soul Mates or Twin Flames?

How do you know if you are in a relationship with a soul mate or a twin flame? How can you improve your current relationship by working with your twin flame?

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