How to Overcome Resentment Towards Your Partner When They Have it Easier in Life

3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

The journey of love has always been full of ups and downs. Even your love horoscope never predicts a smooth sailing all along. Sometimes you get to sail through a smooth road and sometimes you hit a rough patch.

Six Key Steps on Having a Successful Relationship

This is just my take on what makes a successful relationship. I am married, have been married for a few months and have been with my wife for 3+ years. I am not a relationship guru, nor would I ever say that my relationship is better than anyone else’s, however these are just a few things I have learned from talking to friends and being in a relationship that works that I thought I would share with the world.

Three Straightforward Answers to the “How to Get a Girlfriend?” Question

How to get a girlfriend? That’s probably the one question every single man on Earth has asked himself at least once in his lifetime. It’s a question we’re facing at any age, either we’re just a shy 20 years old youngster, a recently divorced 40 years old with a stunning career or a 60 years old retired senior who just lost his wife.

Top Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you want to be sure to plan every last detail for the special day to show how much you love that special person in your life. The more preparation and planning you do, the more your significant other will feel valued and appreciated. Make sure you plan a good restaurant, choose a few Valentine’s Day movies, and purchase some romantic gifts.

When Courage Is Love’s Best Friend

Over the many days of our lives we have many thousands of opportunities to express love, yet without courage such potential for love shrinks. We ought to realise the power of hope in love, if we will only have the courage to risk in faith.

Your SOUL Knows: The SPIRITUAL Secret to Wild and “Crazy” LOVE That Lasts Forever

What is the TRUE secret of love that lasts? Is there are way to increase, enhance and extend the amount of love two people can share? Why do some couples start so well, and yet…

How to Tell If He Loves You (And the CRITICAL Life Lesson Every Woman Must Learn)

Does he love me? Will we stay together, forever? If he doesn’t…

The Rose Room

The rose room is a private aristocratic décor. The pillars of the chambers are a most sacred place. The rose room is almost a corner of socialist protesters.

4 Ways to LOVE Better Than Ever

Love runs the entire world, and if we think that’s rubbish we just need to think about how we respond to many variations of acceptance and rejection that come our way. We all desire to be loved, but rarely is it natural for us to want to love. If we are serious about love, about getting love right, and protecting ourselves by loving in advance of others’ love, we will want to get real about it; really real. Let’s think of love as an acrostic. We can arrange L.O.V.E.

Clothed By Jesus’ Hope-Filled Love

Imagine a love so hope-filled it refuses the reaction of hurt or resentment at the foot of betrayal. Such a love is understandably hurt in its humanness, but it draws strength from God by hoping enough to respond well. Hurt doesn’t need to convey hurt, if hurt can be absorbed by the power of hope-filled love!

Great Love Advice

Love advice is an important aspect to men married, single or divorced. Generally, it provides guidelines on how to treat your loved partner for the wellbeing of your relationship. Most men end up being lonely after a relationship break up simply because they lacked love advice.

What Is the Difference Between Love and Infatuation?

If you have gone through infatuation, then you also know the signs associated with love. Many people even say that infatuation is more painful when it subjected to certain conditions. The signs that constitute real love and infatuation are very similar, and they are easily mixed up. How can you differentiate between love and infatuation?

Get That Girlfriend by Being Results Focused on Valentines Day

This is a unique article in the way it discusses how to achieve results when attempting to impress the girl of your life on Valentines day. We do not explain the possible options for gifts, but we look at how to make those options possible.

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