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Being In Love Completes Us

This article conveys a message to the youth helping them understand the difference between actually being in love and having a high school crush on someone. It makes them more aware of situations that they have been putting themselves into before they read this article and now they are careful once they’ve read the article.

How I Know My Twin Soul Knows: Now I Understand Why Qaisuke Ran Away So Many Years Ago

I know we all at one point ask ourselves if our twins also recognize us on any of the levels of consciousness available to them as humans when they do not physically know we exist. Four years ago, my little dog ran away. Far, FAR away. She left our home in the mountains and was picked up by animal control smack in the middle of the city below the next morning. Beside myself, I asked her through my animal communicator, “Why did you run away?” “Because you are supposed to meet one particular woman in your life. And by going on that journey, I was helping you find her.” Qaisuke replied. I wasn’t yearning for my Twin very strongly at the time. In fact, I felt mostly shame, fear that my fascination with her was a dysfunction, not a connection. I had never fathomed that any one woman would be more special to me than any other. I had no idea what to make of Qaisuke’s answer… Until today. Here is my story of a divine sign from God I received through my animal guide LONG before I started preparations to unite with my Twin Soul.

A Very Special Brotherly Bond Of Love

This article is about two cousin brothers who share a very strong bond and a girl comes into both of their lives at the same time and breaks the bond. It shows how both the brothers forgive each other and come back to sharing the same bond of love.

Owe Others Love and Nothing Else

If we can manage our lives in such a way as to truly owe no one anything, except for love, then we have achieved a contented life. When we have organised life that well that what we owe is just the debt of love we were commanded from the beginning to give, we reach a privileged precipice of peace.

How To Identify A Cheater

The proof of a man’s feelings is in his actions, and not in what he tells you. So take notice of what he does, not what he says he will do. When someone shows you who they are, believe them, don’t ignore your intuition. If you have doubts about someone, take your time and get to know them before you act.

Who Is “Running” From Who? A Closer Look at the Runner Twin

All over the Twin Flame forums, I see twins embroiled in desperation and grief over their twin who has physically run off. But running isn’t always the physical act of pulling away. I also invite you to ask yourself whether you were the first to run– not first to physically run from your twin’s physical body but from the Universal Truth that guides us all. I invite you to ask yourself if by physically pulling away from you, your twin was actually reflecting where you energetically ran from them first in the form of ignoring their Truth and therefore your own Truth. “Now I see where *I* was the runner. I was running from your love while accusing you of running from mine.”

Attaining to the Full Degrees of Love

ACCORDING to Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), there are four degrees of love. I’m using his structure below to describe a progression in the mode of spiritual maturity.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Love is much more than a good feeling. The latest research shows that this simple emotion possesses the ability to transform every aspect of our lives and relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.

How Much Love Do You Bring to Each Moment?

I recently read an intriguing story about a woman who clinically died and experienced a vision of the other side. In Lessons From the Light, author John Mulkey describes how Myra Starr was given the opportunity to review her life and realized that all of her experiences on earth, no matter how big or small, boiled down to one thing: how much love had she brought into each moment. Being free of her body, she experienced a deep peace and shimmering radiance of light and love.

The Test of Time

Did you know there are time testers for the strength and health of a relationship? Do you recognize some of them in your relationship now? Healthy relationships are always work, but there are qualities to re-evaluate to get a sense of the strength and health of the relationship.

Somewhere I Lost Who I Was

I am in love with you because of who you are, please never change and never ask me to be someone that I’m not. Relationships can only be built on trueness and honesty. Everyone believes that in a romantic relationship, as the years go on many of us continue to make changes and adjustments as we mature and sure we revolve around one another and will make changes for each other nevertheless we are still the same individual we started off as.

Consider Love As A Calling – Buy Your Life Partners With Love – Not With Money

Though Italy is struggling through an economic downturn, expectations – both financial and emotional – about weddings remain high. “It’s incomparable in Europe,” said one editor-in-chief at the magazine Vogue Bridal Italy. And, although traditional marriage ceremonies are in decline in this historically Roman Catholic country, with the number of marriages dropping by 16 percent from 2005 to 2012, according to Istat – the national statistics agency, loans requested for weddings went up by 41 percent in the past two years, market research shows. Why would anyone consider taking a loan in order to get married to their lover? Love should be considered as a calling.

To Bling Or To Love, That Is The Question!

The promise of romance can be like an addiction to bling, yet are there other aspects of love we can get equally excited about? is there part of you that believes you could be getting more out of the relationships you are currently experiencing?

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