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How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You

You never get a second chance at love at first sight! The first moments you spot your quarry – and he or she gets a glimpse of you can be decisive. Scientists tell us that love’s seeds are often sown during the first few minutes of a relationship.

Show I Love You – Don’t Just Say It

Showing I love you is much more effective than saying it. Learn how to show love.

Love, Marriage and Miscarriage

It’s said the first year of marriage is known to be one of the most challenging for some couples. You have two people who recently entered into this sacred and holy matrimony with a fresh love awakened for each other and yet, reality hits immediately following the honeymoon when you discover the truth that you are two different people now seen as one. Though many share stories of their marital bliss, some couples experience a gloomy toughness immediately following the honeymoon– like that of the loss of their first baby.

To Vincent With Love

After several months of non-stop communication and lasting friendship between them, they decided to meet and renew their love. They committed themselves to love each other for the rest of their days. They both understand that YESTERDAY is gone and TOMORROW is not here yet in the NOW… So they decided to give love in any way they both can for each other to be happy. They would live and enjoy their lives in every MOMENT that each day would bring them.

I Am Your Great Reward (Part One)

Oh yes, there was a happy ending. God thwarted Abraham’s attempt to sacrifice his son. Isaac lived, the nation began, and the land was eventually inhabited by his descendants. But these promises did not begin to see their original fulfillment until Abraham knew and lived as if God was his all, his highest treasure, and his great reward. And that, as Abraham’s spiritual descendants (Romans 9:8; Galatians 3:7), is where God expects us to be as well – His people seeing, knowing, and living with God as our ultimate pursuit and great reward.

The Many Faces of Love

There are several types of love, according to different cultures and reasoning. Here is a quick discussion on the different kinds of love according to the ancient Greeks.

Developing Love Relationships

Are relationships important in our life journey on this Earth? Absolutely!

I Love Her: Manly Tips To Show Your Love

Do you want to show your wife or girlfriend you love her and do it in a creative and manly way? This article gives you hints and tips.

Love Is a Process: Part 2

Dare to Be and Do things differently to have a different love result. You have to get out of your house and get out of your comfort zone. You have to be approachable, be available and be willing to connect with other single people or more intimately with your partner in your in a relationship. AND when you do, be open to see the love possibilities that are everywhere you go. I do mean everywhere!

Death of a Dream

When a relationship ends, what it is that we really morn? It’s the death of the dream we created in that partnership. They will not be the one to live the dream with us. But, we can create a new dream. And, in that creation discover a new partner by our side.

Endings Are Beginnings

The pain of a relationship ending is horrible. If you are now experiencing that torment, read on. To alleviate the soul-piercing pain, one must see where they are headed. Endings are beginnings. You will love again. Life goes on, and you will again be whole and at peace.

Relationship Stages: Truths and Lies

Love. Seen by some as god’s gift and by others as the triumph of imagination over ration. Either way, is a constant need of our lives, one that you have to finally understand so you can be more patient with you and your partner. Most times you come in relationships with unhealed past traumas, carrying burdens of guilt, shame and self rejection. You expect your partner to make you happy despite your self sabotage.

Does He Like Me? Easy Ways To Know If He Likes You

Dating is hard, but it is even more difficult to tell if a guy likes you. You may not want to put yourself out there without being surer that your feelings are going to be reciprocated. That is completely understandable, but if you are not willing to take a chance by asking him how you can tell if a guy likes you?

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