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Finding The Ideal Person And Having A Perfect Love Relationship

My example should also show you that you must care about finding your perfect match before getting married. Don’t get married to someone for one reason or another like I did. If you are not more than sure that you are getting married to the ideal person for you, don’t get married. Don’t be impatient like everyone in our world. There is a perfect match for you. This is not a myth.

Why Do I Still Wake Up Loving You?

Being in love with someone causes real physical and emotional changes in our body; in other words, “it ain’t no thinking thing.” If it were, endings would be ever so much easier. We would calmly assess the facts and realize that leaving was the best choice before us when we made it; and we wouldn’t forget those unemotional reasons as time passes. Alas, those ‘feel good’ changes that happened when we fell in love left deep memory imprints closely akin to the highs a drug user becomes easily addicted to. The truth is most people are addicted to love.

How Can I Know When I’m Caring And When I’m Caretaking?

Knowing the difference between caring and caretaking can sometimes be confusing. Discover how to tell the difference.

There Are No Stupid Questions About Love

When it comes to love and loving yourself more, there are not any stupid questions or answers really. There is always just more to learn when something seems silly or stupid about love. It is said that understanding is context, well, understanding the nature of love is not an exception.

If I Were Your Woman – What Women Really Mean

Those dreamy words of “If I Were Your Woman” carry a depth of meaning, mostly misunderstood. There is a thin line between being the woman of the man you love and still maintaining your own identity and independence. Where is the line typically drawn when a woman says these words to her man?

Finding My Footing

Life has a funny way of teaching us life lessons. I learnt my lesson in the most painful way possible way but it was for the best. I am at my happy place right now despite thinking that I would never recover.

Kissing Cements a Relationship

First Kiss – My friend vividly recalls his first kiss with his wife a decade ago. They were sitting on the couch in her dad’s living room and as he leaned over to kiss her, he lost his balance and fell off the couch, pulling her down with him. This was because he was so nervous and tensed up.

The Pursuit of Love!

What we all seek in life is a soul mate, someone to share your life with! But even if we find a life partner, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and consistency to sustain a healthy relationship. Mutual sacrifices must be made and patience is the key to success.

To Truly Love Is to Be Vulnerable

Let’s rethink this: Is vulnerability is a sign of courage or a sign of weakness? Do we like feeling vulnerable? Not at all! But can you really live and love without being vulnerable? Nope. To be human is to be vulnerable. So, maybe we should view it as a good thing… a very good thing. When I see others who stand up for what they believe, admit their wrongs or accomplish something unbelievably inspiring, I respect them all the more. Pause a moment and recall past experiences that caused a feeling of vulnerability. Were they times of weakness or courage? Taking chances, reaching goals, doing the things you dreamed about yesterday each take some level of vulnerability. Read this inspiring article knowing that we have to be vulnerable; so, why not embrace it with the best attitude possible?!

The Wonders of Love

Love make wonders. I can’t believe that loving again has a healing power in my broken heart.

We Love Falling In Love

For love, we will cross the sea, walk across the desert and climb the highest mountains. Without love the mountains would be unclimbable and the deserts unbearable. Love permeates the soul of society, both in the past and present.

Is Control an Issue in Your Relationship? You May Want to Mind Your “P’s and Q’s”!

Is your relationship out of balance? Is there a feeling of discomfort and you just can’t put your finger on the problem? Mind Your P’s & Q’s is another way of checking our relationship with our significant other to see if control issues are a problem. POINTS of awareness when identifying control issues in our relationships, and QUESTIONS to ask ourselves as we work to practice self-control rather than controlling our partner or allowing our partner to control us. Consider these “P’s and Q’s” in an effort to bring your relationship back into a balance that is both healthy and rewarding.

Healing the Heart Chakra With Reiki

What is the nature of the Heart Chakra? How can Reiki help me with emotional and relationship issues?

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