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How To Find True Love And Finally Live A Love Filled Life

Finding true love is without doubt one of the greatest human desires. The issue of love and relationship seems to pretty much be the top focus for most people. We compulsively talk about it, never stop thinking about it and most people’s biggest motivation for living and doing what they do everyday comes from the enjoyment of the feeling and meaning that loving and being loved gives to them.

Love Unlimited

Christianity has gone through many phases and the main focus has shifted to wanting power and a lot of selfishness. Interestingly, God has made everything simple for His children but most don’t know it.

In Just 6 Seconds, Get an Excellent Relationship!

How short-term changes can secure your relationship from betrayal. Six a few moments is a better relationship.How to create saying “goodbye” even sweeter.

Aromas Stimulate Your Love Senses

Aromas are in the air to awaken our olfactory sense of love. The use of a plants’ oil can be very therapeutic for humans.

My True Valentine

The expectations we have of our Valentines are natural. We were made to be doted on and to be cherished. But our standards are way too high for mankind. That’s why no man could ever be our true Valentine, no matter how romantic or handsome he is. That spot is reserved for our Heavenly Father.

Tips for Asian Women Who Want to Date White Men

There’s no rule out there stating that Asian women can’t date white men. However, it might be a challenge for Asian women to pull it off. There are a few important tips to take a careful look at when finding a white man for any kind of special occasion when trying to find men of all sorts.

True Confession

Get all the lowdown on how to cleanse yourself from the burden of the past. Make a true confession that has been bothering your soul for a long, long time. Don’t live with unwanted baggage, either of the past, or of people who need to be kicked in the butt from your life. Get to know better people who will desist from making your life a living hell.

Is Love at First Sight Possible?

Love at first sight: is this a concept reserved for fantasy or is it possible in real life? Read on to find out!

How To Find Lasting Love

Great relationships don’t just happen. Too often, we settle for less than the best in a romantic partner and then wonder why our relationship is so much work. In this article, Linda sheds light on how self-acceptance may be the key to finding lasting love.

Why Some People Hate Valentine’s Day

There is something about February 14th that makes everyone go stir crazy. Many people anticipate it, while others cannot wait for it to be over.

Make Valentine’s Day Everyday In Two Simple Steps

Valentine’s Day is that day to pause for a moment between seeing patients and remember all that we do have in our lives that make us feel complete. For just a moment we can forget about the current state of the healthcare system, the limited resources, the long hours, and the lack of staffing and just enjoy a day filled with love and joy and happiness.

Know Your Partner on Valentine’s Day!

The most ‘loved’ day of the year is here – Valentine’s Day! It is a day to celebrate with your better halves and pamper them with your love, care and attention. But for that to happen, you must know your beloved well.

Love Is Your Choice to Give or Withhold

Who would have thought that a little four letter word could contain such magnitude and have an impact on people in ways you never knew were possible. This word is empowering, inspiring, moving, heart warming, humbling, kind, gentle, spoken or unspoken.

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