How to Solve Your Back Pain

How My Insecurity Cost Me My Relationship With a Wonderful Man

I had been in a wonderful relationship with a man for about eight months. Everything was going well. We spent plenty of time together and I could tell he genuinely enjoyed being with me. He would wine and dine me. The sex was great but I knew that was not the only reason he was with me.

Love Between the Ears

I was reminded recently of the masculine and feminine differences in love, specifically sex. It doesn’t require much imagination to fire-up most men, yet women need to feel loved in order to give themselves freely in their sexuality. Whilst the typical man’s key sexuality occurs genitally, a woman’s occurs in her heart and mind… Love between the ears is the feminine metaphor for a much broader concept: the alignment between people and the communication of love…

7 Ways To Maintaining A Great Relationship!

With our everyday busy lives sometimes we forget that we have to find time to maintain our love lives. So here are 7 helpful tips to maintaining a happy healthy relationships.

Some Day My Soulmate Will Come

When we were kids we used to dream of hand some Princes who we would marry and live happily ever after. This is no longer enough for most people today. Everyone is looking for their soulmate and some are willing to search high and low until they find them.

Are We Compatible? WARNING: Do THIS Now (To Avoid Devastating Heartbreak Later)

Are we compatible? Do we have the sort of connection that will last a lifetime or is this just another relationship doomed to disappoint? In this article we are going to take a quick (and controversial!) look at what I believe is the biggest reason so many relationships end badly… and the #1 thing most of us (especially women) can do to avoid the pain of a broken heart as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

How To Boost Confidence And Attract Women

Confidence is the best accessory that you can have. When you are confident, people will be attracted to you. Boost your confidence and explore the things that you can do.

Weird But TRUE! 2 UNUSUAL Ways the “Universe” Can Help You Find True Love

Does he LOVE me… or is he just playing games? Is he the “ONE” or are we both wasting our time? Why do so many women spin their wheels and make so many mistakes when it comes to love? Or the better question may be… why do so many women IGNORE our own intuition when it comes to knowing a relationship is wrong, and yet continuing to fool ourselves that it’s right. (until of course, the inevitable part where we end up with a broken heart and wonder why it took us so long to see the obvious) I’m going to make a confession here…

Soulmate Movies

Soulmate Movies There are probably thousands of good soulmate movies, so we have listed some our very favorite soulmate movies here. All of them are great soulmate movies to watch although they all contain a Hollywood twist that takes it just a bit over the top, only the way Hollywood can do it.

Will He Love Me Forever? WARNING! The BIG Mistake Most Women Make When Looking for True Love

Will he love me forever? How do I know that he’s REALLY the one? Will he be faithful… or do I need to worry that he’ll go down the road so many other husbands, boyfriends and lovers ultimately follow? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the common questions many women ask about finding our soul-mates, as well as what I believe is the BIGGEST mistake most women make in our relationships as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Reasons Why Men Turn Cold After Winning a Woman

While this may sound mean and unethical, there are quite a number of reasons behind this and both men and women have their fair share in the contribution. We all know our lives but we tend to be wrong about other people and it is not until we understand the ways of fellow human beings that we will all live in harmony.

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

When it comes to you and your soulmate things very often have to unfold with a time schedule we have no control over. Divine timing indicates that something is going to happen according to a divine plan. When we use the word divine timing in your psychic soulmate reading, it indicates there is a greater purpose at work in your life here that is coming from the Universe or the Divine.

13 Ways to Build Trust

Have you been hurt in the past? Has someone cheated, lied, or betrayed you? Do you want to know how to trust again?

Lovers Dance

Lovers dance is an article, which describes the dynamics of relationship as a spiritual growth experience. When we seek to find the solution to relationship disharmony then we may be very surprised to discover that the source and solution to every problem is within the self.

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