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Self-Esteem and Relationships

Self-esteem is fundamental to human enjoyment and satisfaction. In terms of self needs it is as necessary as food water and shelter. Self-esteem may increase competency in coping with all aspects of life.

Limitless Love

Throughout history, society and cultures have embraced and rejected many different aspects of human life. Pop culture is constantly evolving leaving behind past successes and classifying them as old. Further, society and cultures are constantly searching for and embracing new looks, designs and styles.

Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

There can be many reasons why a couple have to live apart. Work requirements, estrangement or the circumstances of how they met can all factor into how the relationship evolves. Let’s look at how this absence can reflect on the relationship.

Scheduled Love

The 21st century has seen a decrease in the time available for couples to experience and express love. An increasing need to work and study as well as family commitments has left almost no time for couples to be intimate and passionate. The ability to do the latter with a partner is necessary in any relationship as a lack of intimacy and passion may lead to behaviours such as withdrawal and avoidance.

Unconditional Love and Relationships

It seems that love and relationships are something that humans have sought after and written about since the beginning of time. Indeed the bible which is one of mans’ oldest scriptures describes God’s unquestionable and unconditional love of man. Shakespeare describes archetypal true love and relationships through his characters Romeo and Juliet and Anthony and Cleopatra.

5 Romantic Ideas For That Special Occasion

Romance communicates to your partner that they are special and important enough to make an effort. Failing to be romantic, aside from major holidays and birthdays, communicates just the opposite. Romance doesn’t require any grandiose gestures, though of course it can. Little things can go along way. Below, you will find our top 5 romantic gift ideas that are sure to win you a few “points” with your partner.

The Mystery of Love – Can It Be Answered With Tarot Card Readings?

Love is life’s greatest mystery and so many people want to unravel it and find their soulmate. Learn more about lighting the path to love with tarot card readings and natal birth charts.

Hands Off My Man

Have things become a little samey in the bedroom? Are you worried that your man might stray? Read our relationship advice to help keep your man satisfied and by your side…

I Love You: Thoughts on Friendship and Marriage

“Given a measure of good will and an openness to God, there is reason to believe that if one fails, he will not fail forever; if one is hurt, he will heal.” Albert Nimeth In my early college years, I met this seminarian on a bus. I couldn’t remember how we crossed paths and how we became best of friends.

How To Impress Your Husband And Increase His Attraction Towards You! Don’t Miss This

If your husband has stopped paying interest towards you and you would like to have him pay more attention towards you, read on. It’s easy to get your husband to feel attraction towards you again by just making a few changes. Here are some amazing tips to impress your husband.

Finding Mr, Mrs, Or Ms Right – Believe In You First

Do you believe you are worthy of being loved? Finding Mr. Mrs. Ms. Right begins with you believing that there is one person in this world just waiting to love you. It is important to know who you are, what your values are, what your beliefs are, and what it means to you to be in a relationship. You receive what you believe you deserve and want. Question your thoughts, feelings and beliefs with respect to attracting ideal romantic partnerships so that you can deliberately melt any resistance you may have to letting love in.

Finding Mr, Mrs, Or Ms Right – Where To Start?

Have you convinced yourself that you are destined to being alone because Mr. Mrs. or Ms. Right does not exist? If so, please take a deep breath. Now, allow yourself to believe the possibility of finding them is very real. The universal law of attraction states that what you focus on expands into reality. So, rather than putting your attention on what is not working, why not focus your thoughts on what you want? You can have satisfying and rewarding relationships that are perfect for you. Yet first, you must be willing to face yourself with honesty, define what you want with clarity, and believe it is possible.

Learn How to Fall Back in Love?

One day there was a wife who was wickedly angry at her husband, so she discovered a way to hurt him that brought a surprising result. Fall back in Love?

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