How We Overcame Gender Roles and Created a Successful Partnership | Relationship Theory

The Jealous Lover

As I woke up this morning, I had His presence hit me, and the Holy Spirit said…”I am a Jealous God” and rather than just listen and wait upon HIM.

Desert Swelter

This is fiction, but largely based on a true set of events. It takes place on an internationally important birding area, the San Pedro River located in Southeast Arizona.

How Millennials Of Divorced Parents Can Avoid Following In Their Parents’ Footsteps

People (faith conscious Millennials specifically) needed to know that there is someone who completely understands why they might be concerned about the future. Being able to have relationships that connect in a way that is sustainable over a lifetime is vital to a healthy marriage.

An Insight on Valentine’s Day – Must Read Guide

Since the beginning, we have been made to believe that Valentine’s Day is all about roses, gifts, candies, proposals and cute soft toys. Whether you have been trying to talk to a girl for a long time or want to propose her, this is just the right time to share your feelings. But wait, have you ever thought about what’s so special about this day?

Love Is A Gift

The one thing that makes loves hard to understand is the fact that we try to understand it with the mind while we can only understand it by heart. Love is a gift that God granted to us so freely by giving His only son to save us from sin. We in turn naturally extend this love to people around us and even though you could end up loving two people in two different ways, it is love nonetheless. There is really nothing that is more beautiful than to have the ability to love others and nothing feels better than to have others love you.

Love Is What Love Does

If there is any word in this world that has lost its place in relationships, it’s love. The world has substituted love for everything from people, to money, careers, things, sex, feelings, etc. The saddest thing about it, the replacements has crept their way to church. Most relationships among the people of God are now a reflection of what’s in the world rather than a replica of what’s in the Word. Love itself has not changed. It is built solely on your acts-what you do, what you give-your every act of kindness.

How To Bring Out The Caveman In Him

Valentine’s Day has passed, but many relationships are still in need of some help. Find out what you can do to keep your man interested.

Love Should Not Be A One Day Affair

Love is the loveliest of all human emotions. Because, it produces more solace and happiness to all parties involved. Life without love has no charm and it likens a lonely tree in a desert. Similarly, a person without love is… Read more

Teaching, Kindness And Common Sense

I was sitting on the couch in the rental house in Albany, trying desperately to stay warm with a hot cup of tea and thinking about my little teaching gig last week. I had remembered the night before I was to teach three very excited girls how to make quiche, pie crust, cinnamon buns, and croissants. I was laying in bed and wondered if I’d be any good at it because historically I have a hard time explaining to people how to do things.

Love: The Special and Unique Feeling of Life

Love is an unconditional feeling which can be parental or conjugal. Well, both of them are interrelated. You need both these types of love to survive in world. So, keep showing your emotions to your loved ones and be happy in your life.

The Things Unforgettable Women Know

One would think that in this age of ‘enlightenment’ society would stop trying to convince women that they’re flawed and hence need to invest tons of their hard-earned money in beauty products that will help them get a man. One would also think that with so many ‘enlightened’ women belting out words of empowerment from every soapbox, more of them would have taken it upon themselves to set the record straight regarding what men really look for in a woman.

It’s Cupid, Stupid

Once again it is that time of the year when the air smells mushy and love songs galore. The love struck couples seem abundant like mushrooms and tadpoles after the rain only to dissipate quickly enough with the follow-up breakups, hopping away from their love struck cupids as they learn to jump. Here’s a list of a few things to consider before you swipe the card and make the purchase, do things a little ‘different’ this year.

Love Ain’t No Thinking Thing – Or Is It?

“I lost my head when I lost my heart… ,” are the famous last words spoken with a wide smile as we describe how we felt when we met ‘the one!’ Is it true; do we really lose our heads when our heart takes command of our future? The truth is the heart has long been considered the third brain, sitting in the company of the one we all recognize between our ears (the unemotional fact gathering one), and the one we call ‘gut instinct’ where we are prompted to be careful or slow down. The heart gathers information from its two companions and makes a choice based on facts, instinct and emotion.

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