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Let Love Do What Love Does Best – Let It Encourage

EVERYDAY actions of love, of giving yourself to others because you can, have the effect of encouragement; a gift freely given that is always deserved, for love is God’s will. The effect of love is encouragement whether it’s a word, an action or a prayer.

How To Ensure You Are Never Hurt In Love

Want to save yourself from deep hurt and heartbreak? Read on to know how to protect your feelings and true love.

Is There True Love?

In this day and time where society teaches love is security, finance, and then romance. Money is the reason why you should date a person, or the job, or the car he drives. Can we find true love in a world that has become so tainted with it’s views of what they think love is?

Ways To Keep The Romance Alive

By keeping the romance alive in a relationship, you can ensure that your relationship passes the test of time and sees through even the most troublesome situations. Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate romance, but true romance lasts all through the year! Let’s now run through some ways which would work towards making you feel that you just started the relationship afresh!

What A Night

In researching the recess of my memory it was in the spring of ’83 that I experienced what The Four Seasons sang about in their hit “Oh! What A Night” When in the opening lyrics of that hit instead of back in December of ’63 Oh! what a night for me was that night back in ’83.

What Makes You More Attractive to Him

Did you know one of the most important elements that makes a man fall and stay in love is the woman’s ability to receive from him? If you’re anything like how I used to be and the tens of women that I talk to daily, you don’t know how to receive from a man with joy. You can amp up his attraction for you if you learn how to by doing what I’ve laid out for you.

The Complement of Tough and Tender Love

STRICT, uncompromising schooling produces fine graduates, but not without a redemptive atmosphere. Compliments and encouragement have their limits, particularly when they stop inspiring and start enabling bad behaviour. Both loves are needed: tough love and tender love; the loves of challenge and encouragement.

The Wisdom of Love and the Folly of Power

INSANITY. Paradoxical outrageous duology. A conundrum of enigmatic dimensions. Only to the fervently spiritual person of consistently mature disposition is this prospect alluring: power is a folly, for which love is the only corrective.

The Rest of Your Life – Love

What is love? What do you perceive it to be?

Love: The Warrior Woman’s Achilles Hill

A woman’s mind chatter while in the wrong relationship. She believed in Love, he was just playing her…

Box of Dreams & Hopes – Undiscovered Latent Treasures

‘All relationships change the brain – but most important are the intimate bonds that foster or fail us, altering the delicate circuits that shape memories, emotions and that ultimate souvenir, the self.’ – Diane Ackerman – Most of my life is spent ‘collecting’ what I deem precious. Gollum (Smeagol), just one of the great characters from Lord of the Rings, taught us about the value of what we hold onto and what we give up in exchange.

Message From the Universe: Love Is Everything

Truly loving yourself is certainly something that should be pretty easy to accomplish but you would be surprised as to how many people do not accomplish that task successfully. People sometimes can love others more than themselves, which the logic certainly doesn’t stand, but the purpose and intent does. Getting people’s approval is what others seek and for that to happen, you need to do things for others that you won’t do for yourself. You need to learn how to fully love yourself first.

10 Underlying Obsessive Love Factors

How to Beat Obsessive Love and Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries. Are you at risk of obsessive love?

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