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Ask a Psychic – What Does a Love Compatibility Coach REALLY Do? (Weird But TRUE!)

Do soul-mates really exist? Can you really get a psychic love reading that helps you discover your true spiritual partner… or is that all a bunch of bunk? And how can anyone really predict love compatibility at all… isn’t that someone that needs to be figured out between two people, over the course of many years?

Allowing A Love Relationship In

Are you one of those people who wants love but is afraid to give it? If your love relationships haven’t been all you want them to be it’s time to take notice of what you do to keep people away.

How Do I Get Over My Ex Girlfriend? 3 Strategies to Get Over Her Quickly!

Unfortunately, this is a question that most men have thought about at least once in their life. Fortunately, if this represents you, there are some answers I’d like to share with you. Before we get to that, here is a question from one of my readers:

How To Tell He Is The One (And The Weird Sign He’s Really Mr Really Wrong!)

Who else believes that there is truly a “Mr. Right” out there for all of us? Do you believe that we each have a soulmate… or a spiritual partner, or an ideal mate that the Universe wants us to meet? To some people, that idea is SILLY, right? And yet to others like ME, it’s as easy to understand as the idea that ALL of our lives have purpose, and meaning and a grand plan.

The 4 Key Essences of Love

Love is surely a complicated thing but if you want to know the principles of love then this article can help you. Contains dos and don’ts when it comes to a relationships and what needs to be done in order to maintain it and keep that bond.

How True Love Can Change Your Life Forever (And The Soulmate SECRET You Must Not Miss!)

Do you believe in the idea of karma, and connection and the notion that your love life is FATED well before you are even born? If you are anything like I was years ago you are probably skeptical about the idea that there is ANYTHING more to love than LUCK and that chance and hard work are what makes most “soul mates” appear happy. I’ve learned some incredible lessons since then, including the idea that there is a KARMA to connection, and that each of us comes into this world with a specific set of soul mates we are destined to learn from, grow with and evolve together as one.

Endocrinology of Love: Why Do We Fall in Love?

Love is nature’s design of keeping the human species alive and reproducing. Research have proven that hormones govern the transformation of couples from being lovestruck to being in love forever.

Where Did The Time Go? True Love May Be The Time Bandit

Time represents a key line of connection along the intellectual continuum for couples in true love. True love may be the biggest time bandit of all. Arguably, our most valuable resource, how much time to spend together and how much apart, can be the source of anxiety for many couples. Charles Darwin said of time, “A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life,” an inward focus of time. Charles Dickens said, “A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self,” an outward focus of time. What the two Charlies may not have known in their time is that true love really does stand the test of time, relatively speaking.

Choosing to Be With Someone – How Do I Know I’M With the Right Person?

To discover what real is – it’s important to understand what it is not. If you believe that a relationship is the key to being happy, you’ll be vulnerable to receiving unhealthy love. This is because your core belief that the other person can ‘make’ you happy leaves you open to emotional abuse, mind-games, cheating and power struggles.

Is He Perfect?

He isn’t perfect… oh darn. Each gender shares the same misconceptions when seeking out a partner… he/she must be perfect.

Lost Feelings – What Now?

Have you ever found while making love with your partner that something just is not quite right, as in the click is not clicking for some unknown reason? His smell has changed, his touches have less impact on your intimate-self, you just cannot stay within the moment anymore…something is just not right~ All of these feelings of being lost or off in a relationship do and will happen at one time or another. It is what I call the warnings of ‘negative complacency’, resulting in the ‘wallflower syndrome’.

I Just Want To Be Loved!

The word “love” can mean anything to you but I always see it as a warm, kind feeling that exists between two or more people. I see love when there is a strong affection or deep tender feelings for someone or something.

What Is Your Love Story?

Everyone has a ‘story’, right? What I mean by that is that everyone has a set of beliefs about themselves and their relationship to everything else (love, money, luck, life, etc). Some stories look like this: I cannot earn a lot of money right now because the economy is bad and because my former manager embezzled money from me so I can’t trust anyone to work for me and.

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