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5 Things You Must Do When You Arrange a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Boyfriend

Arranging a surprise party for your boyfriend is really romantic. The surprise party should delight your boyfriend. The surprise party can be a private one involving only the two of you or a bigger surprise inviting all his close friends and family, but in both cases make sure you do something which is really unexpected and unusual. The 5 point checklist, that will help you in arranging a surprise party is suggested. These are the things that you should do – 1. Get a Customized cake 2. Get his favorite drinks 3. Wear the color he likes most on you 4. Ask his friends/family to keep him busy till surprise 5. Arrange his favorite music. So go ahead and arrange a great party!

A Spell To Make Someone Love You – How To Turn Hate Into Love

Disagreement and misunderstanding are the result of a faulty communication. The repeated incidence may lead people to hate you or vice versa. Sometimes you decide to end all contact with each other. In case of friends or colleagues, it may not affect you. But what about someone you love? It will definitely do.

Don’t Fall in Love Too Fast – How to Apply the Brakes Without Derailing Your Relationship

Nothing that is taken in haste ever lasted. Everything pure and durable takes a long, rigorous process. If you truly want a lasting relationship, learn to apply the brakes where necessary. Don’t fall in love too fast if you want a relationship that can stand the test of time. Learn to halt your heart, and activate your head. Here’s how…

The Wind Up Male Animals We Are As Nature’s Attraction Takes Hold

As the male gets the females touch in a way that’s tender and pleasing they both find comfort in each others thoughts that are never ending and will forever be etched into the minds of both. The bond into one by both is apparent as the silence stands still when the male and female find their way into the physical bond where their minds are already at.

End of Your Love Story

Ever remember the first time you were so happy with the love of your life? You thought it would be something forever but then it hit you, a realization that everything you have is simply not meant to be.

A New Look at Love – The Unpopular Perspective

The conventional ceremony of praising St. Valentine and others who died for love has overshadowed the more important love. We worship even fictional characters like Romeo and Juliet when we should channel our energy towards the more important duty.

Lovin’ Eyes Can Never See

Why is it that our sight is transformed when we are looking through the eyes of love? Is it better to see with clarity or through the lens of altered perception that love produces? What we see is influenced by the filters of our life experiences, those that cause bias and those that cause delusion. Love is the single most powerful human emotion; is it any wonder that how we see another is painted in the brightest of the color spectrum when love is the filter? Can that be beneficial in our life?

God Loves Me So Much

God is my best friend, he loves me so much and always has. I know I can trust him more than I trust myself. He is always right beside me.

Is Love Enough? When Needs Are Confused With Love

Personal and psychological needs can often drain a relationship of its vitality and strength. We want our partners to fulfill needs that relationships are not meant to fulfill. When this occurs, love does not seem to be enough. Relationships are not meant to repair childhood wounds or wishes and uncorrected can doom a relationship to failure.

A Higher Perspective of Life

Because of my daughter’s illness, I have come to realize there is a greater purpose for our existence than just the physical life we lead. In this I have come to experience there is a greater love I can have for my daughter as a soul, both of us supporting each other on our journey together.

Loving, Listening, Learning, To Understand As the Learned

Those who wait learn to listen. Those who listen learn to understand. Those who love humility learn to love.

The Most Important Mother Alive

My mother is wonderful and always has been, but this article is not about her, or, if you’re an adult, your mother. This article is about any mother that currently cares for the vulnerable child – the person who is a paragon of parenthood, even whether they’re a parent or not. This article is about the situational mother.

The Death of Love and the Life of Love Beyond

WE’VE all been there, I presume… to the death of love. My hope is you’ve been to the other side, too… to the hope that lies beyond a love that once died. If you haven’t, my hope is you keep pressing in, keep believing, and keep pursuing the hope of a life of love beyond the death of love.

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