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Will I Ever Fall in Love? 3 Ways to Manifest True Love in 2014 (Karmic Confessions)

When will I find my soulmate? Will I ever discover true love? Where is the perfect partner for me been hiding?

5 Myths And Facts About Love Spells

Several myths and facts about love spells exist out of the magic community. In this article I break down those myths by providing appropriate facts.

How to Reduce Conflict and Improve Communications in Work and at Home

Each day presents itself with new challenges. It is possible to use most of these challenges or maybe even all of them to improve our ability to be adaptive and relate more effectively to the world around us. One of my good friends introduced me to the ancient Chinese phrase that “In every crises lies the seed of opportunity”.

About Loving a Man

Love is one of the strangest feelings because there are too many emotions associated with it. If you are looking to cherish the beauty of this bond, you need to understand the complex strings and the emotions associated with this feeling.

What Are Twin Flames and Twin Souls?

Twin souls are not to be confused with primary soul mates, nor is the Divine Love between two twin souls to be confused with romantic love. Divine and romantic love are opposites, although evolved romantic couples can achieve both for each other. In other words, twin souls love each other at the soul level at the same vibratory frequency that God Loves us. The current social paradigm we live in tries to tell us that romantic love is the highest form of love one human can have for another and that is just not true. The current social paradigm based in science and separateness tries to tell us that God does not live in us when in fact we are each in the image if Mother-Father God and we can love one another unconditionally just as God does. Seeds of this vibration on Earth are in the twin soul connection. Individual twin souls are called to complete the Twin Flame Journey.

How to Get a Boyfriend and Keep Him Coming Back for More?

Finding a boyfriend and keeping him is not always an easy task. What you really want to find out are tips that work to help you in your endeavors. This article has some practical advice on what you need to do when looking for Mr Right and how to know he’s the one.

Love Is Painful – The Reasons Why You Should Risk Getting Your Heart Broken and Go Forward In Life

As we get older and gain more experience in life you would notice that we tend to take more risks and try out new things without even giving a care. Well why isn’t it the same with love then?

Loving Unconditionally on a Daily Basis

As Christian married couples in the 21st century, we are told by our church, the Bible, our parents, counselors, famous quotes and even songs that we are to love our spouses “Unconditionally”. But a lot of people are left in the dark wondering what it means to love someone unconditionally. Then, if and when, they grasp the concept of unconditional love we don’t know how to apply it on a daily basis.

What To Do When A Man Who Was Withdrawing Comes Back

Many women ask me what they should do when a man who runs “hot and cold” – and always withdraws just as they were getting close – comes back around. Once men like this sense that the woman is moving on, all of the sudden they’ll start pursuing her again. In this article I explain why this happens, and what you can do about it.

A Lost Message From Jesus – Respect, Love and Cherish Women

Jesus had many powerful messages – not just a singular message and far more than is published in the ‘approved’ doctrine of the Western world’s bible. This is a lost message from Jesus about the importance of repecting, loving and cherishing women.

Having an Impact on Your Loved Ones Is the Essence of a Solid Relationship

Letting others know they have touched you and impacting them in turn means you are allowing love in. But it can be tricky if you are afraid of being weak, or want to avoid the guilt of hurting someone. Research shows partners connect when you show soft emotions rather than hard emotions like coldness to stave off guilt and fear. Keeping a stone wall can protect you but it keeps the good stuff out as well.

Find Out What A Man Is REALLY Thinking

If you were able to develop a deeper understanding of how men think, you’d come to understand why a man does what he does. Understanding the way men think would give you the ability to respond in certain ways and make requests to him in a manner which would make him feel more attracted and connected to you, and even agree with your point of view.

You Must Remember This – It Matters Why and When You Kiss

Partners may become so familiar and casual with each other and so busy that they don’t often stop and just connect through kissing. Kissing means having to stop doing everything else and just for those few moments be totally with each other. It’s an interruption of a sort that partners sometimes don’t give time or thought to. It’s important too that kissing isn’t always interpreted as a prelude to sex. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.

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