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6 Ways to Tell If You Have Met Your New Love Match

Falling in love can be scary. But knowing what to watch out for when looking for a mate can help you to become more confident and less apprehensive.

The Intimacy of Overlapping Imaginations

Relationships are blessed because of the overlapping of imaginations – where two people share a moment of oneness. Establishing the overlapping of imaginations requires the enjoining of one person’s curiosity with another person’s receptivity. Love is a two-way street, but love starts when one reaches toward another in ways that the other person welcomes.

Creating a ‘Safe Base’ Worldview

A safe base worldview is the way to a life of love, peace, and joy. There are two keys. We must agree that: 1) “I don’t have to be liked”; and, 2) “I have to love.” When we can embrace these two philosophies for life we have our safe base, and life is never better.

Love at First Sight: The 5 Signs That It’s First Love

Is first love truly real? This is a query that’s been on many people’s minds, as well as yours, and you swear that it is nothing but a bunch of hooplah. Nevertheless, you have also heard tales from your peers about how they saw this one girl and instantaneously figured out that she was going to be the one for them. It’s definitely uncommon to experience this, and one can’t simply give reasons for it. Nonetheless, there are some signs which can help you identify if what you experience with a female is indeed love at first sight.

How I Lost My One True Love And Found Me

Lost love is painful beyond measure. But, sometimes it can be one of the best learning experiences of our lives. It forces us to look at who we really are. Love is a powerful emotion, and sometimes old thoughts and feelings about our relationships can hold us hostage, and we end up using hindsight as our guide. Consequently, when we do this we pay a heavy price in our everyday lives.

The Love Unspoken

This is my first self composed poem written for my close friend whom I was afraid to tell how much I loved her. This poem consists of what I felt for her and the pain I was going through. Hope you will like it..

The Power of Self-Love – Is Your Anger Running Your Life?

Is Your Anger Getting The Best Of You? Is It Running Your Life and Making Choices For You? Discover how anger has ran my life and what you can do about your anger.

8 Things You Can Do That Will Help You Get Over Your EX

8 Things You Can Do That Will Help You Get Over Your EX Love is a wonderful thing. It feels good having someone around to love and who loves us in return. But, the price you can pay in heartache and pain is a big deal.

The Girl Who Has Everything

Is it the time of year again where you have to buy a present for that girl who really doesn’t need or want for anything at all? How frustrating is she to buy for?! Almost everything you find that you think would be the perfect gift for her, it turns out that she already has a hundred of them. So, what else is there to give? It’s probably time you thought about the bigger picture and saw past all those beautiful material things you’ve bought for her in the past.

Do You Know The 4 Types of Love?

There are four types of love, each of which holds a unique kind of power that binds man and God in a way that only the heart can understand. Love – a single word that holds a lot of meaning and power. And while it brings joy and gratitude to anyone who hears it, this can also cause confusion.

Love Doesn’t Exist

This is one of the hardest questions in the history or existence of mankind. There is no rational answer to this. Morals, lust, romance, chemistry, attachment can often lead to someone say they are in love.

Tips On Dealing With A Break Up

Are you in a relationship right now that you’re not sure you want to stay in? Maybe you’ve been involved for a while now or maybe you only just started dating. But you’re thinking that this relationship isn’t going to work.

How to Find Your Soulmate and True Spiritual Partner (2 Simple Rules for Love That Lasts Forever)

Who else is sick and tired of being in BAD relationships that started out great… but fizzled fast? Do you find yourself feeling desperate, or confused or simply NOT sure what, or if you are doing wrong when it comes to the people… or the partners you pick to live with and love?

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