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What Is Love Anyway?

Imagine what it would be like to feel love and loved all the time? Can you recall what it felt like the last time you knew 100% with every cell of your being that you were loved? I hope so, and I hope it was recent, and that it happens again soon, if not right now.

The Dilemma Of Love – (Part 1)

There is perhaps no other subject on earth today, other than love, which has within it the capacity to generate a combination of opposing extremes. It can provoke the greatest excitement as well as the deepest disappointment; it can produce sweetness as well as bitterness, goodness as well as wickedness, kindness as well as cruelty, gentleness as well as violence, happiness as well as heartaches…

Love Quotes – Why They Are Popular Among the New Generation?

It is surprising to consider the enormous popularity of love quotes and sayings among the newest generation. But for the newest generation that is more into dating and casual flings than its predecessors, short love quotes have a greater attraction.

The Importance of Setting Your Relationship Table – Who Is Sitting at Yours?

Often we underestimate the influence on our lives from the people we choose to surround ourselves with. There is a powerful truth behind the concept of surrounding yourself with successful people, in order to achieve success. In terms of relationships, Charles Augustin Saint-Beauve quotes “tell me who admires you and loves you, and I will tell you who you are.” When we can better understand who it is we are surrounding ourselves with, then we can begin to better understand our own flow of communication and results within our world. This article is very much about reviewing who you are surrounding yourself with in your current relationship. Who is sitting at your relationship table?

We Need To Talk

Nothing strikes fear into a person’s heart more than those four dreaded words. They rank right up there with, “The toilet overflowed again!” and “Hey, Baywatch is on!

Seasons of Love: What Season Is Your Relationship Currently Experiencing?

Not only does our planet experience seasons, but many relationship experts also use the metaphor of a seasonal cycle to explain the stages of an intimate relationship. These relationship seasons do not necessarily coincide with the timings of the planet’s seasons, yet they represent very similar themes of growth, definition, birthing and hibernation. So what does it all mean?

The Keys to Organize Your Emotional Closet

“A key unlocks something and secures the entrance to a place.” As an Essential Life coach I want to hand you the keys to unlock and secure the entrance to a healthy and happy life with your significant other.

The 3 Best Qualities Of True Love

Relationship coach and author, Virginia Clark, points out 3 of the best qualities of true love. Of course there are more than 3 ways to know if you are experiencing true love, but she particularly like these 3 because they are the building blocks of every strong, committed relationship. They are also qualities she had to make a priority when she was looking for the man she wanted to share her life with.

Why A Vanilla Shake Doesn’t Leave Us Feeling Loved

The reason most people complain about not feeling loved in their marriage or significant relationship is because their idea of love is a fantasy based on the illusion that “their partner” can heal the wounds of “their” childhood. The yearning we feel is not the need to experience love, it’s the need to be loved in exactly the right way so-as-to heal the pain and fill the emptiness we experienced in childhood.

The Truth About Loneliness In Love

Some sociologists have found through researching loneliness that one in every three to four households is a single person household during the current century. Compare that to the 1950s when one in every 10 households was a single person dwelling, and you can see that loneliness is a bigger problem than ever before. Considering that people, who live alone, tend to have greater health problems and live shorter lifespans, and it’s easy to see why loneliness is something not to be trifled with.

Waiting for a Soulmate? Maybe You’re Wasting Your Time!

Are you searching for your Soulmate…for that perfect person to complete you? What if your Soulmate is already in your life but because they don’t look or act like the fantasy person you’ve created in your mind you’re still searching while time and life passes you by.

Faith and Hope in Love

Love is a special feeling that each and every one of us have. It gives you joy and brings you up to heaven, but at the same time, it might drag you down to hell. Everyone needs love in this world…

Long Distance Relationship and Marriage Problem 1 – Bad Communication

The moment this communication breaks down is the moment a couple doubts their longevity together. They start second guessing what they can say and begin telling lies. If you can keep an open line of communication, then you will fix your relationship problem or problems, help prevent a divorce and gain control of your relationship.

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